Greg Tamblyn's Humor Blog selfie of Greg in car with dog in back seat. Both Greg and dog are wearing identical yellow Covid masks.

"I'd like to be the man my dog thinks I am"

Funny - Inspirational Stories & Songs 

A Healthy Dose of Co(s)mic Relief

Welcome. Some of these posts are humorous stories, some are about humor, and others are meant to be more motivational, uplifting, helpful, or weird. Occasionally I'll also explore the creative process or the story behind a song.

Posts added with regular irregularity.

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Free Will ---> Compassion

Amazing fact: our lovely moon is by far the largest moon in the solar system in proportion to the size of its planet. Not only that, it's exactly the perfect size and distance from earth to create a total solar…

Random One-Liners

Every once in awhile my own personal brain hatches an odd thought that it finds amusing. 
No guarantees, but perhaps your brain will be entertained:

  1. I fell asleep in the bathtub last night and almost drowned. Fortunately my toy dolphins…
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The Embarrassing Early Years

Thanks (...I think...) to the lovely, amazing, and incredibly alert Ann Pogue for stumbling upon this clip from 1986.

Skip ahead to 1:55.  Whoo Boy.

By the way, I have no memory of this.

    * The reason I was

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My New Brilliant Career

For co(s)mic reasons I can't explain or fathom, the Lords of LinkedIn have been looking out for me lately. 

They keep setting me up with brilliant, creative job suggestions like these:


I confess I actually have no clear idea what…

Now Thyself

Listen to Clarke Smith, age 9, describing the pandemic: 

    "Like looking both ways 
     before crossing the street 
     and then getting hit by a submarine." 

Wow. What a great quote. 

Can you relate? Did you get hit by a submarine? Was…

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Fathers Day Humor

Hooray For Dads 

"If you ever want to torture my dad, tie him up and right in front of him, refold a map incorrectly." 
- Cathy Ladman 

"I asked my dad for a BB gun, but he said we were

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

I hope you're in the right line!  😁 

In This Issue: 

1. May The Month Be With You 
2. Great Opening Lines 
3. Scotland Tour Update 
4. Bonus Humor

"In honor of Tax Day, Hardee’s offered free breakfast biscuits if

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Whistling For Hippos

"Best Travel Memoir of the Year!"
- Greg Tamblyn Officially Unbiased Book Reviews

My sister Claudia and her husband Roger spent 2 years in a remote outpost of The Ivory Coast, West Africa. Roger is a talented, published writer. A…

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Wait...I'm HOW old?

I'm coming up on a big milestone birthday, and honestly, I can't believe it happened so fast. 

Maybe you can relate. 

This is NOT to say I'm bummed, discouraged, or otherwise moody about this. I'm actually okay with it. My…

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My Favorite Fireworks


It's nearly midnight on the 5th of July 

Some fireworks still boom in the distance 

But here in my yard it's quiet and dark 

And all I can see are these beautiful sparks 

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Chinese Prayer

Here's a lovely little piece of poetry I heard while hosting a group trip to China:

Let all things be healthy,

Let all things be peaceful. 

Be sure to count your blessings at least once a day.

Forgive those who…

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Sleep Long And Prosper 🛌 😴 💤

Just about everybody wants to get more sleep, right?

Well, turns out it helps to know if you're a Lion, a Bear, a Wolf, or a Dolphin.

No, we're not talking totem animals or cub scouts. We're talking chronotypes

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Candy: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Probably because it's almost Easter, I just received an email about a brand of candy called Peeps. Honestly, I had to google it. Never heard of it. But it seems to be a big deal. Very big seller.


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How I Lost Half A Million Dollars

"Follow your dreams.
Except for the one where you're naked in church."

- Rev. David Ault

For reasons which will become clear, that's an especially apt quote to begin this little story about big money - or the lack thereof.

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How You Doin'?


People ask me all the time what's an easy way to be more playful and spontaneous. How can they have more fun every day, when their lives are so busy and the news is so serious?

I tell 'em that…

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First Laugh Ceremony

The Navajo have a unique tradition which sums up everything good and noble about us humans. 

When a baby is born, it is regarded as the ultimate, precious gift and must never be abused. From the moment of birth, the…

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(What I Got Is) Good For You

Various Artists: Jimmy Stewart (Demo), Becky Hobbs, Pake McEntire, Greg Tamblyn

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Four versions of my song "(What I Got Is) Good For You," including two by Nashville Country artists Becky Hobbs and Pake McEntire, a kickin' demo by Jimmy Stewart, and one by me.

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