From the recording (What I Got Is) Good For You

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(What I Got Is) GOOD FOR YOU
Greg Tamblyn

Baby that coffee, it ain't good for you
Baby that jelly roll, it ain't good too
There's lots of bad things, no matter what you do
But what I got, it's good for you

Baby what I got is good for you
And it's all you'll ever need, all you'll ever want
'Cause what I got is ooh, so good for you

Honey that job might drag you down
Baby that boss man, might push you 'round
He'll get you so mad, and you know that's bad too
But what I got, it's good for you


How do I know I'm the answer to your problems
Well darlin' it's not hard to see
It always goes both ways, it's give and take
And darlin', you're so good for me

Baby that deep sleep, it's good for you
Baby those sweet dreams, they're so good too
But when it's night time, there's better things to do
And what I got, it's good for you


© 1984 Greg Tamblyn
Forrest Hills Music, BMI