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Analog Brain In A Digital World

The title of this song does not actually refer to slow-tech-adopters (like me). What it actually means is that even after all these millennia of evolution, our brains still work better - and are happier - doing one thing at a time. Not multitasking!
I use this song to set up a comedy bit that helps people really understand - and remember - that doing one thing at a time is more fun, and gets more done
You can download this song from the album of the same name.
(Written with my friend Richard Helm.)

Self-Employment Made Harder By Difficult Boss

I borrowed this idea from an article by my brother. One of my favorite titles ever.
Written with Richard Helm.

You can listen to and/or download this song on my Analog Brain In A Digital World album, or my
Greggest Hits Volume 2 album.

Writer's Block
(The Long-Term Positive And Negative Effects Of Worry)

I wrote this after waking up from a nap. Kind of dreamed it, really. This song is very popular with coaches, counselors and therapists, who play it for their clients.

You can stream or download this song on my Grand Design album, or my Greggest Hits Vol 2.

RailRoad Bill

Hilarious song about control issues, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, employer-employee relationships, getting what you want, and creativity.
Written by the brilliant Andy Breckman.

Electronic Tuners and Relationships


The Grand Design

I Know Who I Am

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