Greg Tamblyn smiling with guitar


"There will be more people in our churches
when there is more laughter in them."
- Charles Fillmore

Thanks for considering my unique brand of "funny spirituality" for your Sunday services, and/or Fundraiser Comedy Concerts.

In person, live-streaming, or pre-recorded.

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from Unity Church of Phoenix

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For over 25 years, I’ve appeared at churches most often on a Sunday when the minister needs or is scheduled for a day off.

I weave together a humorous, spiritually supportive church lesson with award-winning funny songs and stories, plus a sacred meditation experience. Congregants get filled up with a healthy dose of music and laughter, plus a deep experience of the Sacred. The combination of funny, relevant, and reverent seems to be what makes it so effective. (Plenty of testimonials below.) 


My part of the service (lesson, special music, meditation, meditation music) typically takes about 40 minutes. Many churches keep one or more of their regular musicians for the usual beginning and ending parts of the service. Other times churches ask me to do ALL the music for the services, which I’m happy to do if you prefer to give your musicians a day off. 

We might have to adjust your regular order and contents of service slightly. As far as I know, this has never been an issue for anybody. 

In Person, Live Streaming, or Pre-Recorded

Comedy Concerts feature funny, heartfelt, award-winning songs and stories that energize audiences, elevate endorphins, amplify amusement, and improve digestion. They help us celebrate the best in ourselves, and laugh at the rest of ourselves. The spiritual insights and tools for personal growth come through the right-brain doorway of music and laughter. This is a musical joyride into the profound and the absurd, the sacred and the silly: it’s “Ha Ha” with an “Aha!” (Plenty of testimonials below.)

You can encourage people to bring their friends - and they frequently do - because any spiritual messages are almost entirely about love. This is a great way to introduce new folks to the church.  


I have a strong history of success with weeknight events by providing lots of proven, effective promo tools that help make it easy for you to spread the word and attract a good audience. Most are copy-and-paste, including:

  • a choice of colorful flyers
  • effective, humorous blurbs for newsletters and bulletins
  • ready-to-use press releases
  • photos
  • funny video clips for your Sunday announcements
  • email promo pieces with audio and video links for your church news
  • success stories: how other churches have drawn large audiences
  • a timeline and helpful suggestions
  • a personalized funny video invitation for your Sunday announcements

I’ll also let my 4,000 newsletter subscribers and 6,000 Facebook followers know about our event, and encourage everybody to spread the word.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ll be more successful if you can avoid booking me within three weeks of any other major event. 


Recently I recorded a 75 minute Comedy Concert for Unity of Fredericksburg VA. They sold tickets ($30 advance, $35 the day of) and streamed it on a Saturday evening. They also paused the concert every 15-20 minutes so one of their members could ask for donations in a fun way. (Similar to your local PBS station fundraiser.) They were hoping to raise $3,000, and raised over $4,000. This is a church community with about 70 members.

IN 2022 I was asked to provide the comedy keynote for the Association of Unity Churches fundraising evening event at the national convention. We had a successful evening, and Diana Kennedy at the association can tell you more about it if you like. 

I would be happy to do something similar for your folks, either IN PERSON or STREAMING. It's a fun way to raise money and share some meaningful, mindful, musical mirth with your folks and their friends.


I also offer a fun, funny, and participatory workshop about how to attract more humor into your life. Just ask for more info. 


Mystics, prophets, saints and psychologists have all told us that happiness lies in the NOW. Many of us in the West have forgotten where that is. Silliness, play, humor and laughter are profound ways to get there.  

The healthiest and most helpful attitude to life's unanswerable questions and big mysteries is what the best mystics and scientists have in common: a sense of wonder and a sense of humor.  

GPS 1.0  
Many of us have a GPS in our phone to help us get where we're going.  
Wouldn't it be cool to have the same thing for our lives?  
Wouldn't it be even cooler if it told us where we need to go?  
Good news: we've already got one. It's standard equipment.  

Even the best relationships usually involve several pit-stops at the AFGO Station. (Another Friendly Growth Opportunity.) We also get a lot of unhelpful cultural messaging. Learn how to turn those messages into humor, and get my most helpful tool for positive relationships.

Stories are the most powerful communication tool we have. The story of Jesus, for example, contains elements that make it both inspirational and lasting. A new story - Boy In A Bag - will stay with you long after you hear it, and inspire you to hear the better angels of your nature. As humans, we're hard-wired for stories, and the more exotic, the the better. Choose wisely, Grasshopper. 


Currently I'm asking for the combination of your speaking and singing honorariums. Ideally at least $400.

Comedy Concerts, Humor Workshops, and/or Fundraisers which accompany the Sunday services are quoted individually, depending on travel.


For a Conscious Comedy Concert as part of a tour, I'm currently requesting 65% of the door plus lodging for the night. (In-home is fine. Indoors is preferable. Feeding not necessary.) I'll cover all other travel expenses, and tithe 10% of merch sales back to the church.


Photo of Greg from behind playing to a laughing audience, with caption: ADVISORY: Greg's songs contain anti-depressive lyrics

  “Hooray! From the feedback, they loved you and want to bear your children. They have long been denied the chance to lighten up and I continue to do what I can to get them over their serious selves. You were the perfect solution.”
    Rev. David Ault, Senior Minister, SLC Atlanta 

“You rocked the house! Your Sunday message and music brought us joy, laughter, inspiration, and a huge positive impact. We’ll have you back soon!” 
    Rev. Richard Maraj, Senior Minister, Unity of Phoenix 

"Greg, I laughed so hard the muscles on my skull hurt. You are funny, a deep thinker, a beautiful soul, and your heart is in the right place. I wholeheartedly recommend you to other UU communities."
    Rev. Gy Ludvig, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of South West Michigan

“Thank you again for being such a perfect part of our annual conference. I am still receiving emails and calls about how much everyone enjoyed you! Would you be willing to come back and join us next year? We were thinking that YOU would be the way we celebrate our final night, and you would be such a perfect addition!” 
    Sydney Lehman, Affiliated New-Thought Network 

“Everyone I have talked to absolutely LOVED you!! Me too!!!  It was a great Sunday and I can't wait for you to come back again. You had a wonderful turnout Sunday evening and it taught me that we can book a successful event later than right after church.” 
    Rev. Diane Robinson, Unity in the Garden, Jupiter FL 

“Our gratitude flows back to YOU, Greg, for a fabulous Sunday of words and music. We have had many musicians who also delivered the talk, and frankly most were somewhat less than amazing, shall we say. You put together a wonderful combination of humor, fun, love, AND wisdom that left the whole place uplifted and happy! Looking forward to working with you again!” 
    Lisa & Tyler Snortum-Phelps, Music Ministry Co-Directors, Unity of Walnut Creek, CA 

“Your comedy keynote presentation for the UWM Fundraising event at the 2022 National Convention was perfect. Everyone loved you and we all laughed a lot!”
    Rev. Diana Kennedy, Unity Worldwide Ministries

“Unity in Naperville loves you... Thank you for the morning message and afternoon concert this past Sunday!!!  I love how you can masterfully move listeners from tears of laughter to tears of joy from one song to the next. 
You are a blessing, brother!” 
    Kim-Char Meredith, music director, Unity in Naperville 

“I wanted to give you my personal thanks, as well as those of the entire UU Fellowship, for your wonderful programs. It might be a cliché to say so, but at your evening program, I laughed so hard, I cried! (very healthy for the tear ducts)  I heard many comments about your morning program "The Sacred and the Silly", and all were extremely positive.  Several people told me they had never experienced a more enjoyable and uplifting Sunday morning sermon, and the wish to invite you back at some point in the near future was unanimous. Bless you, and best wishes!!!” 
    Dick Beeman, program committee, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Manhattan 

“THANK YOU for a wonderful Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, concert and most of all your Presence. What a DELIGHT you are. My heart is full. Thanks for the laughter and tender tears. You are BIG HEART MEDICINE Greg -- through your gift of laughter and delight! Thanks for being so easy to work with.” 
    Rev Deidre Ashmore, Unity of North Idaho, Coeur d’Alene 

“Thank you for a wonderful evening of fun and music.  People are still talking about how inspiring and funny you are -- and what a great evening it was.” 
    Judy Schweibert, events coordinator, Shadowrock UCC, Phoenix 

“On behalf of Rev. Audrey, myself, and the entire Unity of the Valley community, thank you for a wonderful, uplifting, funny, and inspiring event! You are a pro’s pro and we are grateful for everything you did! Namaste.” 
    Jimmy Steffen, music director, Unity of the Valley, Savage, MN 

“People loved your style - weaving songs and humor with truth! And that beautiful blending of voices you taught us will long be remembered by our congregation. Thank you again for coming to be with us. We look forward to your return and will contact you.”        
    Rev. Joyce Fisher Pierce, Unity of Bon Air, VA 

“Thank you for sharing your musical talents and very expressive ministry with us. We always receive tremendous enjoyment through your storytelling and music, and hope you will visit us again and again.” 
    Rev. Sky St. John, Unity Church of Hawaii 

“We had a WONDERFUL time having you here, Greg.  There were many very positive comments both after the concert and the following Sunday.  And I so appreciated how easy you are to work with.  You are the opposite of a prima donna (LOL)!  You made the whole experience easy, doable and fun!” 
    Rev. Geraldine Colvin, Unity of Hammond, IN


Grace Note Award for Lifetime Achievement in Positive Music - UWM 
Best Comedy/Novelty Song  -  Just Plain Folks Music Awards 
Christmas Single of the Year  -  Cashbox magazine 
Best Comedy Song  -  Music City Song Festival 
Most Uniting Song  -  emPower Posi Music Awards 
Best Healing Song  -  emPower Posi Music Awards 
Best Humorous Song  -  emPower Posi Music Awards 
Best Male Vocalist in Kansas City  -  Squire Newspapers

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