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Photo by Jim Downer, Wilmington NC

Greg Tamblyn playing guitar and smiling

Featured Keynote Speaker at
The Humor Project International Conference 

 Along with Goldie Hawn, Bob Newhart, Steve Allen,
and other famous funny persons 

"One of Greg’s great gifts is to take serious subjects and tickle them with a light touch. Greg is a lot of fun, and he also makes a difference in a wide variety of creative ways.”
- Dr. Joel Goodman, Director of The Humor Project 

Image of Greg Tamblyn in a colorful shirt

"I love the messages you are spreading through your performances. I'm sure you are Chicken Soup for a lot of Souls out there in the world." 
- Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul 

"Greg delivered a memorable, customised and entertaining presentation about overcoming the daily grind to our Asia Professional Speakers Association. He not only managed to engage his audience of seasoned professional speakers, but also include a song crafted from his brief experiences during his stay in Singapore. Two thumbs up!" 
- David Lim, CSP, President, Asia Professional Speakers Association

"Our evaluations were 100% positive! Everyone enjoyed your humor, songs and reflections."  
- Sheila Shortt, Director, Human Resources, St. John's Mercy Hospital, St. Louis MO 

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