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Audience Testimonials: 2019 and before



Ralph Diamond 

Hi Greg, I just finished your book "Atilla the Gate Agent" and loved it! "Chairman Mao's Lighter" and "Stand Like Mountain, Move Like Water" are two of my favorites. Your wit and insight shine through all the stories. Thanks. 



Gail McAleer 

Hi Greg, Having you perform at our house concert series is one of the best birthday presents I've ever received! Your songs have been a major part of the soundtrack for my life. Many people quote famous authors or philosophers, I quote the lyrics of your songs. Recently I was describing the magical balm of self love on our entire being. Finding myself challenged to fully put that into words the thought came to play your "Unconditional Love" song. When the tears and the song ended there was complete knowing. There wasn't a single person who left your concert unchanged for the better. Hearts were lighter, relationships were warmer, and sweet smiles graced their faces. Thank you so much my dear friend. Blessings on your journey. 



Jack Nalbandian 

Greg I was just listening to a compilation that had The Grand Design on it. That song is a lyrical theological masterpiece. It explains it all. It always gets me teary eyed. 




Hi Greg, I was with you at Walnut Creek on Sunday and just had to let you know how much you meant to me. But, the reason I bought your album with the chant on it was because I got so choked up I could not sing. Not that that was a big loss. But you must know that the woman behind me made up for it. She was a professional and I have never heard such a beautiful rendition of Ava Maria. I cried. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience. Lynne 



Patricia W 

Thank you for helping me get your email! Your presentation was wonderful! Having us all sing together really made our temporary connection into one big atom feel amazing, everybody felt the buzzing and tingling and a deeper vibration between us! All your messages are great for the health - keep doing what you're doing!? 



Jaine Niktab

BEST CONCERT EVER!!! Have never laughed so hard! If laughter IS the best medicine, I am now going to live 40 more years😂😂😂❤😂😂😂❤



Jane (never plain) 

A number of years ago a friend of mine shared your tune about being depressed about being ashamed about feeling guilty for not writing songs. I thought it was funny and clever, but didn't realize you also do serious music. So at the recent PosiFest I purchased the two CD set. I've just got to say that your voice is yummy ... dreamy to me, and the messages and delivery of those messages is simply poignant, heartfelt, magnetic and ... I can't find enough words right now to explain the feeling of them. It's not all that common that I like every song on someone's CD, but I really liked every song on your CDs... meaningful, poignant, heartfelt. Yummy. Haha. I love and find it welcoming, easy and embracing to sing along and add my own harmonies. I have to be careful when I'm driving lol. I wish I'd known earlier. L-O-V-E, love love these CDs, which now have an "almost permanent" place in my VW 6 CD player, along with a few other of the best artists In Posi. Thank you Greg. Xoxoxo 



Carmi Frankovich 

I had the pleasure of being in the audience when you came to Unity in Naperville last year and purchased some of your music.  

Unfortunately I could not attend your workshop at Unity today as I facilitate a group the second Sunday of every month.  

I was however able to live-stream the service and wanted to share with you that your story about your beloved guitar and Atila the Gate Agent had a profound healing impact on me. Something huge has shifted for me and I am now feeling grateful vs angry/hurt by the Atila the Hun in my life. I knew I had to change the story in my mind and boy did it WORK!!  

Healing via Live streaming is a BEAUTIFUL THING!  

(By the way, the audio sounds great and i was singing along with y'all while exercising on my stationary bike:) 




Thank you for your book - it gave me a lot of laughs! I especially enjoyed the story about the apartment in Paris, which reminded me of something that happened to me. 

I was once at a company retreat where the hotel we had reserved turned out to be massively double-booked. The only place that would take us on short notice was a Girl Scout campsite, closed for the season. Picture a hundred office workers in borrowed tents crowded into a campsite designed for maybe 15 people. 

Since this was normally a Girl Scout campsite, it didn't have separate bathrooms for men and women. Just one restroom, with a couple stalls, for all 100 people. One evening I was sitting in this facility when a woman's voice said, "Can I please come in? I can't wait!" (Dinner that night had been rice and beans.) I told her it was no problem, so she dashed into the other stall. After a bit she suggested that we talk loudly to cover up any other noises she might make. We ended up having a very deep and thoughtful conversation about our careers and what we wanted to do with our lives. 

It goes to show that even a strange or awkward situation can be an opportunity to grow and learn something new. I think that's the point of your book as well. 



Kathie Farrington 

I'd like to buy your 2 CD set of Grand Design. How do I do that? I'd like to get the original 2-CD set which I bought while on Cape Cod. Also: I'd like to recommend you and your music to Beto O'Rourke for a 2020 presidential run. Would that be something you'd like? 



Greg Tamblyn 

Hi Janet, I DO have a small songbook -  7 songs - and you can check it out here by clicking on the STORE then scrolling down. Thanks.




Janet Beck 

Greg, have you ever thought about selling a book of your music? I would love to be able to play/sing some of your songs to my friends. 



Donna Atkins Parks 

Hi Greg; Thank you for your good muchness (a word I made up meaning excellence, discipline, uniqueness, authenticity, generosity, & talent). You can borrow it if you want; good word, don?t you think? 

Thank you for traveling to Savage, MN so that my friend & I could experience you in person. 

Namaste????? & an 11 second hug topped off with???. 

Donna & Puddie 



Candace Lamoree 

I saw you over 20 years ago in Falls Church, VA and am delighted to see you will be in Pasadena in February. I live in Hemet, CA now, and plan to come see you then! 



Shirley Crabtree 

CD arrived.Thank you. Since I bought the one from Amazon at about the same time, I now have a "spare to share." 



Laleen Davis 

Your recent performance in the Ozarks was absolutely delightful! I can't remember when I'd laughed that much and enjoyed your creative folk songs. I really needed your healthy dose of great humor about real things. 

Thanks, dude, you're AWESOME! I love The Grand Design 2-cd set I purchased. Wish I'd had the shekels to buy ALL of 'em! Please come back to northwest Arkansas!!! 

Best to you! 



Shirley Crabtree 

Left my copy of "The Grand Design" in a car I just traded for a new one. Oh me, oh my! Gotta have a replacement. 

Miss you. I am no longer physically or financially able to go conferences. Hope I can find the cd. BTW I bought and gave away several copies. 



Colleen Fullhart 

Greg, I wanted you to know you are responsible for my daughter being alive today! Every time I was ready to kill her or sell her to the gypsies I would turn on your music and either start laughing or loving! I've been listening to you for many, many years and I have all the CDs. Tonight was so special seeing you sing live and being able to help you with the lyrics!!! From one spiritual, hippie, science-geek to another- I LOVE YOU! ! 




david seymon 

i am a brain damaged published author, reflections of gratitude, poet and lyric writer. i have helped write a screenplay, two lives to live. i even push my wheel chair around when necessary.  

i would love to see your blog and what it has to offer. thanks so much for your talents. 



Lynne Key 

It was so good to see you at Posifest. You're a treasure. Lynne 








Marilyn Caskey 

It was a wonderful evening. I laughed, I cried. Every song hit home in some way. On Sunday, the juxtaposition of the story of your mental struggles with the musical/spiritual journey was also something to which I could relate. I am so very happy to be introduced to your work. And thanks for the hugs! 

I brought along a friend who described the evening so well: "It was refreshingly hilarious." 



Kath Fuchs 

Hi Greg, 

We enjoyed you so much!! Best ever!! My favorite so far of any guest musician we have invited. Thank you and best wishes for the future. 



Stan Jones 

"My Ride Home From Neptune" and several other songs on The Grand Design CD have been primary influences in my spiritual journey and have helped me greatly as I have discovered how to express that spirituality. 



Elizabeth pawluk 

Hi Greg...I met you at the Canadian Unity Conference in October and was totally smitten by the way your mind works to put together the amazing lyrics for your songs. You make me laugh make me cry. I so wish I could be at one of the locations you?re travelling to and will stay alert to your travels. Perhaps our paths can cross once again so I can savor your words to music in person. You are such a profound and hilarious gift to the world. Thank you. 



Kathy Miller 

Hey Greg,  

I've listened to a number of your CDs over the years. I finally got "Art from the Heart" after your concert here in K.C. last July. I LOVE IT! I play it over and over on every road trip ... like the one I'm going to take today to  OM AHA! I sing all the lyrics with you now "by heart." :-) The only problem is ... I keep waking up in the middle of the night with "Leftovers are Better Left Alone" running through my brain! Small price to pay for the joy your music brings to my heart. Keep on, keepin' on, my friend!  




Don Coleman 

Dear Greg, I listen, repeatedly, to Art From The Heart, when I need a good laugh and to listen to beautiful messages and excellent melodies. Thanks Greg, everybody should have one. 



Sally in Annapolis 

Thanks for blessing us with your show on Friday! It was just what we all needed. My husband and I were celebrating our 38th anniversary that evening, so you made it extra special. My favorite songs were the whiny love songs and the dolphin song. 

You're a treasure! You're like Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and Arlo Guthrie rolled into one! 




Jean read to me from your book while we're driving to Canada, and we have almost finished it! It's great to have the laughs! Thanks so much for writing it and I hope you do another. 

Most delightful and meaningful! 

L&L Christina 


2017-08-30 19:27:01 

Monday England 

Dear, Darling, adorable Greg, 

Tell the truth now. Did you write &/or perform the Sanderson Farms, "Old McGimmick" jingle. The narration sure sounds like you & the style is not too unlike yours.  

Sincerely curious from a Florida fan, 

Monday England 


2017-08-15 12:05:45 

Jeff Brown 

Hi Greg,  

I remember you from Kansas City back in 1984 or 1985. I heard you play a couple of times at a little club near State Line Road somewhere. You even let me play your guitar for a minute as I was showing you a song I play. I was searching for the words to the song you wrote regarding "Birds used to be dinosaurs" but cannot remember much -- or even the title.  

I'm glad to see such a repertoire...and fan've created! Thank You. 


2017-07-26 11:29:32 


Still loving your music! It is so good having it to share with people! Just when I'm ready to cry real hard (lol) your art will make me laugh and smile.  

I feel really honored that I got to meet you! Thanks for sharing your life experiences and tender soul. You bring truth, love and joy to people!  

Hugs to you and Houdini!  



2017-07-14 09:03:31 

Samantha Freeman 

You are so much FUN!! Can you feel how much folks all over the globe just love and adore you? Thanks for showing UP! You Rock!! 


2017-07-14 09:00:52 

Christine Capshew 

Greg Tamblyn - I have been thinking of you so much lately! Always sooo grateful for your songs and the way they can inspire. I just finished playing The Hallways of My Mind to talk about how deep we really need to go to eradicate thoughts of anger, etc... to let people walk safely through the hallways of our mind. So glad to see your face! Wish you were in Fredericksburg soon!!


2017-07-09 10:47:30 

Rev. Trisha Henry 

Blessings Greg, I am so proud of what you are doing.... Laughter is the Best medicine, and you spread joy wherever you go! 


2017-07-08 22:22:24 

Sharon Box 

Greg, I was wearing my analog brain shirt while in Denali. Had trouble with a credit card reader, but didn't have to say anything. Cashier said my shirt explained it all and laughed. See, you are making people laugh even when you aren't there. 

2017-07-04 20:32:44 


Tommy Dagenhart 

Greg, Happy 4th! From Charlotte. Drove home from the mountains today, laughing all the way. Your CD's make a joyful trip! 



2017-06-28 21:22:31 


Greg, "Analog Brain" is my favorite CD. I have given it as a gift a number of times. I quote your lyrics all the time. And I give you credit, of course. My aging golfing friends love "Dad's Ashes." 

2017-06-28 10:22:29 



How delightful! I met you at Unity, I believe, here in Port Townsend. 

I bought your book and read it and enjoyed it, and then put it on a shelf. 

The shelf ended up in my bathroom (no offense!) where I came across it and started to read again. And what a joyful, purposeful, timely event it has been. I've been happier, reading it in the evenings, rather than listening to that deadly,oppressive political stuff! And I decided I knew at least 3 friends, right off the bat, that could use the same good medicine! 

Thank you, Greg for the book, the message, and most of all, your good attitude and humorous outlook on life! 

We could all use more of that. 

Joy to you! 



2017-06-23 12:44:22 

Lydia Ramsey 

Whenever I need a laugh or a pick-me-up, I pop in one of your CD's. 

It works every time. 


2017-06-11 16:43:50 

Margo Jamieson 

You were wonderful here in Mississauga Canada. Thanks. Come again. 


2017-06-08 21:05:52 

Jacqueline Ambrow 

You're an exceptional artist and comedian, and I love telling people about you and your work! 


2017-06-01 06:14:34 

Danny Boy Citron 

Sure was great seeing you -hope you and Houdini are thriving on the Mississippi! 


2017-05-21 21:24:53 


You were great in usual. Always worth a long drive....last time was when you were in Lake Tahoe and my husband and I were camping somewhere way across the mountains and made our way to you....both of us really enjoyed that afternoon. My friend who was with me this last time also really enjoyed your show. You bring a lot of love and laughter and that's "all in the Plan"..we need lots of folks like you! 

And your book "Attila..." is being enjoyed by the lucky recipients of my little gift. I love it and learn a lot from it as about Kansas. Whatwoulda thunk it?

Stay well, happy and making great music for the world! 


2017-04-11 16:33:08 


Your book, "Atilla" arrived safely. Thanks so much. I especially like "Chairman Mao's Lighter" and "Stand Like Mountain..." 

Thursday I'm gifting it to my so gifted therapist. He has an advanced sense of humor and we spend a lot of our time together laughing. I know he will appreciate you. 


2017-03-23 15:05:53 

Greg T 


Short answer - YES 

Long answer - Working on it. Hopefully this year. 



2017-03-23 12:28:19 

Bonita Peterson 

Just wondering if you have a new CD coming out soon. I've got all your others and have all the songs memorized. So a new CD of yours would be wonderful. 


2017-03-22 04:12:28 


Hi, dear heart...I want to share a song with a new friend; which song has 'you are safe in the hallways of my mind' lyrics? 

love you much, always - hugs 


2016-11-29 09:32:14 


I so love your song "Amazon" - it is so meaningful and the orchestration and your voice harmonize beautifully - the others are great too but that one sends me. 

Thanks, Van 


2016-11-21 18:10:06 

Ginny Burns 

Thanks so much for coming to Brentwood. I love your expressed musically and comically. As I said, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. And I almost broke out in tears at the end of the harmonic piece we sang together. We hope to see you again sometime soon, on your way through California. 

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving! 


2016-11-21 09:42:43 

Ed Benes 

Howdy Greg! I thought I had signed up for your newsletter but I guess I didn't do it correctly! Anyway . . happy to be a follower. I really enjoyed your concert here in Merced about a year ago I think . . and hope you can come visit us again if you're in the area. 


2016-10-12 17:08:42 


I can't believe how much laughter is a cure for what ails the soul!!! I went to your show so burnt last night. Work has been so stressful, and I was so peeved that the second I drove up my pager went off... but then I was like a new person after the show, and laughing so hard. Thank you Greg. 

2016-08-24 16:47:54 



commenting on Jesus was a bachelor..I have laughed myself silly with many of your songs..I did not even crack a smile with this one. Still adore you and all you do. Sierra (Cleveland OH)

Will have to miss out on your Cleveland visit this time..hope to be there next time. 


2016-08-24 16:30:59 

David Persons 

Love your music! Always hits the mark. Today I downloaded freebee song from email but can't find it on iPhone. Maybe need to use regular pc. Keep up the good work! 


2016-07-18 14:29:32 

Devra Thomas 

Thank you so much for being you! We so enjoyed your performances here in Atlantic Beach. My husband and I both laughed and cried and laughed some more. Best wishes on your journey of infecting people with joy! 


2016-06-14 19:38:44 

Ross March 

Hi Greg, i'm from the UK (England) and I would love to discuss the possibility of a booking in the near future. If you could forward me your calendar with a list of available dates, that would be great. We would also like to discuss the possibility of a vinyl release in the UK as I feel right now the peoples moral could really do with the exact pickup you could provide. 

All the best and much love, 

Liquid (Ross) March 

2016-04-25 01:28:03 



Wow! Funny folk songs, and thoughtful ones too-- just what the world needs a LOT more of, so keep up the good work!! Saw you today 4/24/16 

in Bremerton, WA Thanks so much for your presence!! 


2016-04-24 18:16:14 

Jeff Clithero 

Saw you last night at Port Townsend. Just downloaded (bought) two Grand Design and Analog Brain. Thanks so much for your wonderful presence, you helped me help myself laugh though another day. I'm on a road trip from coast to coast and you'll be helping us with that too. Happy Trails.


2016-04-18 21:36:31 

Sharron Apple 

Greg, Thank you so much for the coming to Salem. I am still laughing!  

Much appreciation for the joy. 


2015-11-08 12:06:11 


Hi Greg! You were at my church this morning (Springfield IL). 'Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the service. I haven't laughed that hard & that much in a while and the meditation absolutely rocked me! I hope you will come back soon! 




2015-10-17 13:58:26 


Pluto's weather is more active than we thought  

With each batch of images that rolls in from New Horizons, scientists learn more about Pluto's characteristics. 


2015-08-28 16:12:12 

Dana Agnellini

I've been a fan for years and Greg stayed at my place while doing a concert for us in Fredericksburg, Va. Greg was a gracious house guest and was kind enough to listen to my orginal songs, provide me feedback and encouragement. 


2015-07-27 16:40:49 


great seeing you the other evening in Lawrence. I have the song book from 2000 . I was wondering if you have a song book for your other songs..... I am working on the 7 songs on both guitar and piano from that book with your recordings I can sing along with and play....for awhile I stopped playing but back to it after your inspiring and motivating evening.. thank you 


2015-07-21 12:33:46 

Vicki Douglas 

Shucks, Greg, Joe and I are going to be with grandchildren in COlorado Springs this week-end so will miss your concert here in Lawrence. We also are going to miss the two day dance festival in KC to which we would have inquired about your available room with airbnb.  

Have a great time in Lawrence, we will try and catch up with you again. 



2015-07-07 05:03:18 

Sue Colley 

I finished reading your book, "Atilla the Gate Agent" and wanted to say "Thank You" for the laughs I enjoyed from it. Your visit to Unity in Kerrville was great fun and I look forward to your next visit. --Sue Colley 


2015-07-04 06:59:33 

annette bennett 

Greg recently performed at our Unity church in Kerrville, Texas. I went with three friends, we sat on the front row and belly laughed the entire time. Good, clean, uplifting fun! 


2015-06-29 19:38:49 

Sharon Hebl 

Greg, that has to be you singing the new McDonald's commercial, right? 


2015-06-01 10:26:06 

Janice Stone 

I was there Saturday no Sunday . 

It was so funny and inspirational,. Your are truly blessed and have a wonderful gift . Shared the experience of the men and women singing that same day with a few friends form A Course In Miracles and they said it gave then goosebumps. I hope to share also with a faith sharing group that I know will enjoy. Thank you so very much, must add that the Kyrie and the Latin is something I miss so very much from my many years of celebration with the Catholic Church . I could so feel the sacred . Love Unity, love Paula , but sure do miss some of the music .  

Thanks again and hope to see you again . 

You're trip to Africa with OAT looks good. We took a trip to Peru and the Galapagos With them and are going next to Antartica in January  

Janice R Stone. Joy and peace and love 


2015-04-23 16:04:56 


Thanks for the show last night in Brentwood! That was so much fun, my mouth started hurting from smiling and laughing so much! 




2015-04-13 10:55:56 

Caroline Tollefson 

Loved your show at Davis, CA yesterday! My friends and I laughed a lot! Thanks for sharing your light-hearted philosophy too! Keep it up! 


2015-03-29 07:23:14 


I've loved your music and your humor and philosophy every time you've come to Columbia in the last 15 years or so! You were visiting with my dear friend Jackie Noel in the little book store when i was there last time, and she totally adores you & your music! 


2015-03-07 14:26:42 

Denise Oatley Hall 

What a great time I had last night. I so laughed hard and I was also moved and touched by your music. I so enjoyed how authentic and real you were. I walked out with a huge smile on my face and love in my heart. Thank you for sharing your many gifts. 


2015-03-07 03:46:35 


I really do love your Grand Design CD. It is one of my regulars I listen to on my way to work to prepare me, and going home to lighten my mood, if it has been a particularly hard day! 


2015-01-13 21:01:34 

Joanna Symmonds 

Hi Greg! Still glowing inside from the warmth and fun of your show tonite! Loved what you said about finding wonder/mysticism and humor every day! What with your degree in geology, if you haven't already been, go to the Asarco Mine Tour on Puma Mine Road! That will capture the wonder and, if you get Doug Austin as your guide, you'll get humor, too. I did it today. It was "wonder"-full as was my evening! Thank you!!! See you in Sedona! 


2014-12-08 20:58:01 

Christine Preston 

Hi Greg, 

I'm driving across country and remembering all those years ago when my daughter Selene and I stopped in Nashville and you graciously put us up for the evening. Well, I'm bound for Santa Fe once more, now my home. And I wanted to thank you once again for your kind hospitality. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as I pass through Tennessee. Give a call sometime.  

Christine (Gibbons) Preston 


2014-11-05 17:00:19 


So happy you're coming back to Payson AZ, on my Birthday yet! See you there. Nadine 


2014-07-30 22:35:14 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further post thanks once again. 


2014-05-31 09:27:31 

Greg Tamblyn 

Absolutely, Steve. Love to inflict myself on Unitarians. Thank for asking. Let me know how you'd like to proceed... 

- Greg 


2014-05-31 08:56:08 


I enjoyed your show at Unity Fellowship in Williamsburg, VA...both funny and serious stuff.I wonder, do or have you every played for Unitarians? I am an UU for most of my adult life, and I found your presentation to be something some of my folks would enjoy. 


2014-05-25 16:43:38 


I was curious if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two images. Maybe you could space it out better? 


2014-02-12 14:39:17 

wanda baxter 

greg.loved your show at unity g ville last night. Frist time I have laughed like that in a couple years. Thanks from one KC college gal to an amazing KC master musical artist. all the best,from, "country come to town" wanda 


2014-02-05 14:01:35 

Alex Newman 

Greg, I am in middle of reading your book and just absolutely adore it! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories. And, just think: so many folks are wandering around with amazing stories inside of them and we don't get the joy of hearing them! A shame! 


2014-01-27 10:53:03 

Gregg Akin 

The Greg Tamblyn concert tonight at Unity of Palm Harbor was magical. Greg can effortlessly go from singing a hilarious parody to a beautiful love ballad to a science lesson on guitar. He'll be in Florida for other shows in the coming week. If you've never experienced a Greg Tamblyn concert you're missing out! 


2013-11-24 07:23:08 


Hi, Greg - I've been rec'ing your newsletters for years..AND I'd like to listen to your NEW version of So Much Love (which has been my most requested song from you for many years)so please send me the link to listen..I'm spending Thanksgiving and my birthday (69!)with Kirsten and Scott in Sarasota...hope to see you in FL in Jan'14. 


2013-11-22 10:50:41 

John Depert 

Attending your concert at the Unity Church on November 16th in Payson, Arizona, was pure joy, and in reading your book, I find the same thing. I find myself reading a little at a time....I guess because I don't want the fun to end too quickly. Thanks Greg.  


Payson, Arizona 


2013-11-19 19:02:19 


Hey, why are you touring in only warm nice places. You could come to Detroit. We have nice vacant homes, cold, unemployment, and just got off top 5 most dangerous cities. Going to Kansas to Thanksgiving,maybe we will bike ride someday. We are only fake related, martha is my step sister, so that makes my ... Anyway love ur stuff 


2013-11-19 10:33:26 


Thanks for sharing your talent, humor and love with us in Payson. What an evening! I laughed until I cried and then I cried tears of joy for being in the right place at the right time! I felt relieved when you sang the song about writer's block. Wow! I could really relate and it was soooooooooooooo wonderful to laugh about it. 


2013-11-16 17:49:19 


I am a long time listener & enjoyer of Greg's talents. A girlfriend & I were reading your book at bedtime, we laughed so hard at times tears ran down our faces. Also we started to read & began laughing so loud we couldn't finish our sentences, others in the house were wondering what we were doing... 

I love the book & now have a 2nd copy to share with others. We can never laugh too much.. 

Keep up the great work!! 


2013-11-12 08:29:41 

Rev Jim 

Have you ever "Played" Unity Village? Would be a fun gig since you are right here in KC. 

Rev Jim. B.S. & M.S. (More of the Same). 


2013-10-28 06:47:50 


Great to see you and your show. You just keep getting better! 


2013-09-04 00:22:32 

Roy Ritner 

I loved your high level of conscious comedy...Bravo! 

I saw you at Unity, Phx last Sunday 


2013-08-31 22:34:51 

Sarah Gay 

You're on an iPhone! 

Somehow seems profane. Just upgraded to a wireless phone. 

When I went to get it,the young male child at Best Buy took me to the very back of the store. I thought in a suddent panic,"maybe they don't make them anymore." 

Please keep writing about your iPhone and tell me what the i in iphone means. S. 


2013-08-22 16:42:55 


I love your book - such funny and moving stories - and all true! And I've been listening to the Grand Design CD; my favorite song is the dolphin song, incredibly deep and beautiful. I lent out most of the other CDs of yours to those that either couldn?t be at the concert or might not have had the funds to buy them. So your music is continuing to dance across our community here. 


2013-08-12 14:22:27 

Sara Deubner 

I met and heard you in Ft. Wayne and hope to see you in Dayton in October.. a bit far for me but an option (Richmond, IN). I did notice one of the two postings said Albuquerque OH instead of Huber Heights OH.. I wasn't confused but somebody might be. :) 


2013-07-10 15:51:06 

Greg Tamblyn 

Sandy, thanks for your comment and query. My site is hosted by They make it all very easy. Good luck, and I hope to see you in Rochester! 


2013-07-10 15:25:58 

Sandy Wright 

Hi Greg - I saw you many times at Unity in Daytona Beach and have several of your CD's. Do you have any plans to come to the Rochester, NY area (I live there now). Also, I am a songwriter, recording artist and international entertainer. Some of my originals would be perfect for you. Do you record other people's songs often? 

Also, who helped you set up your wonderful web site and ability to sell and download? 


Sandy Wright 


2013-05-08 04:15:02 


HI Greg, Nice new website - glad you're nearby -not so nearby that I can go to one of your concerts, but glad you'll be in Virginia. I first saw you sing years ago at the Science and Consciousness Conf. The world needs your songs. Best, Lynn 


2013-05-02 01:22:59 


Hi Greg, Just listened to you on at the Alchemy of Laughter course with Swami Beyondananda. Reeeally grrreat! Thank you so much. Love your songs too. 

Cheers, Sally 


2013-02-22 06:03:29 

Ken Embers 

Hi Greg, 

Just checking in. Look forward to seeing you again sometime. 



2013-02-13 22:39:53 

Katie Redinbaugh 

I was at the last Omaha concert and fell in love with your music 

right away. I either makes you laugh or pulls your heart strings. I will see you in June!!! Will try to bring a crown along. 

I have a funny story to share with you. When I first heard it I thought of you. I was told it is a true story. A couple was getting a divorce, he had found a younger woman.  His soon to be ex was not getting the house as she could not afford to keep it. 

Her last night in the house as she was drowning her sorrows in chardonney, or however you spell it, she got an idea. She took some shrimp, dipped them in the wine and rolled them in caviar, then she removed the finials from the ends of the curtain rods and inserted the shrimp. Weeks later, her ex and the new girl toy could not understand why the house had such a fowl (should we say fishy) odor. They cleaned and cleaned, replaced the carpet etc, all to no avail. They tried to sell it but no luck. Finally the ex- wife offered to buy the house if they lowered the price to one she could afford. They agreed. She promptly removed the curtain rods and lived happily ever after. Well, I think it's funny, but wonder what kind of karma it caused! 

Anyway, I'll be counting the days until June 16, I already marked my calender. Oh yeah, I loved everything on the broadjam site. KT 


2013-01-26 06:27:44 


my friend, jan keough, saw your show last evening (in florida) ... she sent me this link ... telling me how great you were. our gift back to you? the origami poems project. :) 


2013-01-11 06:33:38 

Lucy Fitz 

Enjoyed watching a true 21st century renaissance manchild, whose storytelling, songwriting, comedic abilities touch the heart and arouse the funnybone. I should be writing your ads... I left feeling revitalized and happy. Thank you for being an enthusiastic presence in the world. I look forward to your newsletter. Lucy Fitz 


2013-01-08 19:42:00 

Nina Derda 

I met you at the Unity Church in Merritt Island and I think you invite people to give you ideas for songs. How do we schedule a phone conversation? 


2012-12-19 20:46:36 

Edith Martin 

Complements of the Season to you Greg and best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy 2013. Cheers from your Aussie friend, Edith 


2012-11-15 19:08:11 

Dianne C Perkins 

Incredible lyrics and Greg's voice is amazing...clear and so diverse! Highly recommended! Hope to see you in concert! 


2012-11-10 17:56:34 

Peggy Davis 

Saw you in Douglas, Michigan and you helped me outta the hellish hole I was digging. Thank you so much for the long hug, your smile and music n' songs and your wonderful CDs that have helped me laugh all day at myself. I don't do that you say 'been should'n on myself too long.' God Bless you...what a difference you made in my world! Hugaroonies. 

Please put me on your Email list ok? 


2012-11-05 21:06:01 

Cindy Charters 

Just wanted to say I absolutely loved Sunday's service at Unity Bay City. I am so glad you were there to share with us, I am a fan for life. 


2012-09-25 21:56:48 


Hi Again Greg! 

This is Christina the Willits Community Theater office manager. I just had to take a moment to tell you how wonderful your concert was tonight.. Thank you so much! 



2012-09-10 07:41:33 

Sharon and Bill Sutter 

Saw you 6 years ago in Florida. Put your Grand Design album on today and was instantly blessed by "Holy Now." Love your work. We are blessed by you. When will you be in Florida again? 


2012-09-03 10:13:25 


I was blessed to attend your hilarous show at my church home Unity of Beaumont, Tx.

I bought several of your CDs and gave them to family & friends - what a great investment for your loved ones. Together we are sending out Those good Vibrations into the universe. 

Thanks for the the smiles & laughter BLESSINGS 


2012-07-27 07:26:16 

Elizabeth Kibodeaux 

Hi Greg, you performed at our church last night. Unity of SE Tx. You were awesome. I loved your new songs. I bought your book and you signed it. Thank you so much! I look forward to collecting all of your CD's. Also, I work for a TV station and my projects are in the Health industry. I'm going to send your web information out to all my contacts. Thank you so much for following your passion and sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. Peace to you my friend. 




2012-07-07 19:50:49 

Cynthia McTre 

Read a mention of you and NCW in Larry Burk's book Let Magic Happen, and was so tickled by the NCW designation that I went straight to the Internet, downloaded the song, loved it, downloaded more, and have been having a great time with you this evening. Thanks! 


2012-07-03 05:38:55 

Greg Tamblyn 


Stuart, thanks for your query about the t-shirts - great to know you're getting comments. I've noticed they tend to start a lot of funny conversations.  

You can find 'em on the merch section of this site.  

For special orders like yours and your friend's, you can call the office. We'll fix you up and get 'em out to you right away. Thanks... 816-756-0069 


2012-07-02 21:38:06 

stuart jenkins 


I have one of your t-shirts "Analog Brain in a Digital World." I want to order more of these but could not find them on the website. I bought mine when you performed at Unity of Kansas City North (formerly, OneCommunity Center). The shirt has brought many comments, and my new friend Nadim from Amman Jordan would like to get some t-shrts for his robotics team at the Kings Academy. Please let me know what I need to do to get more. 

Yours in Unity 

Stuart Jenkins 


2012-06-06 16:27:00 

Corinne Corcoran 

Thanks for "Victory of DeFeet" cd annd your amazing concert in Orlando in May. I have hunted down two of your cd's and learned The Grand Design by heart....have posted your YouTube version of it on my Facebook...and basically have become...a FAN! For your journey...the inspiration...the tears and laughs...and the brilliance. Bravo! Corinne 


2012-06-02 21:27:03 

Carol Patten 

How about some instructions for those of us who have IPads. 


2012-05-16 12:04:31 

Gary Johnson 

I just discovered "One Day on the Fields of France". What a masterpiece! As far as I'm concerned, if you never write another thing, you've fullfilled your purpose in life.

Thank you! 


2012-05-13 00:59:12

dave latko 

Hiya buddy, it's been awhile, when ya comin back to Ohio? Miss ya and love ya, dave 


2012-05-12 17:16:30 


I share "Victory of De Feet" with all my friends and clients. The performance was fabulous and the special reflexology song....priceless. You are the best!!! 


2012-05-09 08:00:23 


Sitting here in Colorado listening to "Victory of De-Feet", the most special song you wrote for all of us very thankful Reflexologists. You were TERRIFIC, thanks for the fun. 

2012-04-17 10:31:20 


Hi Greg-- Our friends couldn't thank us enough for inviting them to such an enjoyable, fun, uplifting evening at your concert last night! Since it was our first time seeing you as well, we all laughed over & over as we recalled the many lines -- you are one creative dude! 

I look forward to your e-newsletters & will spread the word among friends about the wonderful talent we met April 15th! 

Keep up the good work Greg! The world needs to laugh more -- and you are a good catalyst! 

Your new fan, 



2012-04-17 10:25:48


My family thoroughly enjoyed your concert. We were the family right in the front row with the two teenage boys on your left. 

You are an awesome tonic for what ails the human race - our limited egos tend to define reality for us; we get stuck in the muck of the nitty gritty small stuff and take ourselves way too seriously and miss the big picture and the peace that goes with it altogether! 

I am looking forward to your newsletter. 


2012-04-12 12:35:17 


Greg-Just wanted to thank you for the gift you bring to this world through your many talents.  

My "Christmas Wish" for you (even in April!) would be that you could fully know the incredible positive impact you have made on countless people. 

Just a little story about that: I was having lots of trouble getting past some anger I had with another person (over something so inconsequential I cannot even remember who or what). I had just gotten my latest--- (fourth copy-- as I keep giving them to people saying"You will LOVE this") ---"How Could Life be Better Than This" and popped it in the player. As always, I was enjoying your music, and the fourth song "One Day on the Fields of France" came on. Totally riveted, I was brought face to face with my inability and unwillingness to "let it go." 

As the healing energy of that song permeated my being, I had a good little cry as that hard place in my heart melted.  

I now merely have to think of that song to get my mind right when I get...well there's just one word for it ...."pissy". and I straighten right up! 


There is a wonderful TED presentation by Drew Dudley at TEDX Toronto entitled"Everyday Leadership", which has spawned a website called My Lollipop Moment. I hope you know and feel deeply how you have blessed so many people with countless Lollipop Moments! 

With Boundless Appreciation,  



2012-03-12 04:39:25 

Polly Sonifer 

I'm delighted to see you'll be performing in Savage, MN in mid-April. I live about 3 miles from the Unity Church, and would be delighted to have you stay with my husband and me. I was on your trip to Bali in 2006. Let me know if you need a place to stay! Polly Sonifer 


2012-02-04 19:00:07 

Jerry Hesselink 

We did it and Greg brought it to Unity of Rockdale in Conyers, GA last night. Everyone laughing and having a great time. Thanks Greg for bringing to us your higher spirit.  

Hope you find that skunk. 


2011-10-30 07:08:40 


Sorry last time that was my Mom's name. my name is Corrina.I have brown hair and blue eyes.I like to play the guitar too. 


2011-10-29 21:10:06 


I'm Corrina. I think that you look like Harry Potter from far away. Your music is awesome & funny. I'm eight. 'see you at Unity in Arlington tomorrow. Bye 

2011-10-18 10:48:45 



Just wanted to let you know that I took a road trip to CO and listened a couple of times to your "Saving The World From Whiny Victim Love Songs" CD. As usual, it brought laughter, tears, joy and honey in the heart! 

Thank you for what you bring to the world. You offer us all truth without compromise, coated with fun and honey. You must have a lot of coyote medicine my friend! 

Peace, Paul 


2011-09-13 14:23:36 

Jerry Hesselink 

Hi Greg, Do you have any plans to come into Atlanta. Maybe you could swing by Unity of Rockdale, Conyers, GA sometime? If not before, see you at Posi Music Festival in Orlando. 

2011-08-29 12:10:06 


Angel Smith 

Awesome perfomance in Peoria! I brought my cousin along, and she loved it too. You shine a bright light - thank you for sharing it. :) 


2011-07-05 05:53:37 

Joyce Combs 

Francine Jarry sent me The Grand Design for my birthday a few weeks's all I knew it would be and more! (Love the live performance CD that's included) Also heard from my radio pal, Jack Diamond, that he saw you at Unity a few days ago and got to talk with you...he raved about the show; and thanks for the hello you sent. It is now on my bucket list to experience GT live, and hopefully get to meet you. Thanks for the inspirational words and music, and the laughs. Tell Rick I said hey! Joyce 


2011-07-01 12:07:38 

Alice Catalano 

I have been back in KC 7 years and wanted to experience you wit and wisdom and I will be out of town when you do the service at the Village. Sorry to miss it. Alice 


2011-06-24 05:46:19 




2011-06-15 11:10:40 

don coleman 

I, my choir, got to sing with you in Columbia, Mo. Unity Church. What a blast! I know these 2 songs are old but would you please do the duo sing along Heart of the Father and Spirit guide named Clyde. OOPS for got to add. I will be seeing you this Monday night 6/20 at a Unity Church in Tucson, Az Really looking forward to it. Thanks for all the great music. 


2011-06-07 18:01:48 

Shelly in WA 

Just had to tell you that I was feeling down and then remembered your book I bought when you visited a small church in Tacoma. Read a different story each morning...feeling better. Read it just when I needed to. Thanks for writing it. 


2011-05-05 21:06:54 

Francine Jarry 

Hi Greg... small world as I didn't know my good friend Joyce had worked with your brother... but when I saw that you were In Kansas City, I thought she might know you and I knew she would love your music... anyways, just wanted to tell you how much I love your songs, your voice and of course your incredible humor... hope I get to see you in person some day... I will keep checking in case you are ever performing somewhere close by... I am also with Broadjam and PMA... my claim to fame these days is the music I have done for Abraham-Hicks... shine on my friend... Merci! Francine in Montreal 


2011-05-04 11:53:21 

Joyce Combs 

Hey Greg, 

I worked with your brother Rick at 101 the Fox many years ago in Kansas City...a very funny guy; and I knew he had a brother who was also very funny...but it was an email from my friend Francine Jarry in Canada today that got me to this website. She said "I think, aside from me, Greg Tamblyn is my favorite songwriter." Well she's a great songwriter, so I had to hear what Rick's brother was up to musically. Francine is right...Holy Now and Call the Lama have just been added to my list of favorite songs. I work at Walmart now and have seen a couple of those little Buddha's riding in shopping nice to have a song that expresses that's a grand time to be alive. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Grand Design. Thanks Greg...and thanks Francine! 


2011-04-20 10:02:53 

Amy Baker 

Hi Greg, you knew my husband back in the day in Lawrence, KS and we even had a cassette tape of a show at Up and Under you made for him. On it was the song 25 Words or Less...I've written you before to beg you to release it but you didn't indicate that you had any plans to record it. Our cassette player ate our tape and now we are without some of our favorites. We used 25 Words or Less in our wedding. I learned it on guitar but with the tape ruined I can only remember bits and pieces of the words. If you aren't going to record it :( could you e-mail me the lyrics? I want to surprise my husband on our anniversary by playing and singing the song. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Amy Baker 


2011-04-12 19:14:19 

d'elle Goslin 

Hi Greg, I was your platform assistant this past Sunday at Unity of Jacksonville. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your message. It was absolutely perfect! I picked up a copy of the service and have listened to it two times already. Your music is so fun and clever the song you taught us in meditation was very moving...been singing it all week and I find it centers me and brings me peace. Thank you so much for the gifts you bestowed upon our church with your light. I apologize for missing your Comedy Concert, wish I could have been there. Hope to see you back at Unity again soon. Peace be with you, d'elle 


2011-04-08 04:50:57 


Hi again Greg, 

I just need to let you know just how much I'm enjoying your CD's. Your View of life and people is wonderful. My daughters would never believe that I spend $70 on CD's. I never buy them. It was some of the best $ I have ever spent... Thanks again. 



2011-04-03 19:15:12 

Dennis Lawson 

Hey Greg, 

Thanks for the great show at CCU! After hearing you only on recordings for a long time, it was great to see you live. Blessings, Dennis 


2011-03-29 15:18:48 


Is there anyway that you could perform at our church in Spring Lake MI? What would it take to bring you here? Concert in the area ? Whatever! 


2011-03-24 11:48:53 

joanne icovino 

Now I know why you teach. It was wonderful to watch you at the songwriter's workshop in Salem 2 weeks ago. You opened the floodgates for me. (you said you sometimes do that) Thank you. Joanne Icovino 


2011-03-21 13:57:33 

Allyson E. 

Just a quick note to tell you again how much I enjoyed your songwriting workshop and concert in Salem. I'm so glad my sister Candy invited me to go. 

I'm reading your book right now and am really Injoying it, not only because it's very entertaining but also because you write the way I do, so it's very easy for me to read. :) 

Candy tells me it was about 10 years ago that you were over this way. I'm hoping it won't be that long until your next visit! 

Till next time, 



2011-03-16 02:55:42 


Hi Greg, well as fate has it I was on a plane Sunday afternoon heading to the east coast when I wanted to be sitting at your concert! I am sure all had a real fun time with you. I'll have to catch up with your tour somewhere this year? In a Hotel room on the road and in the air still, yours truly, John 


2011-02-02 09:13:52


I just love you. I was at the Unity Church in Greenville, and met you and hugged you on Sunday! You inspired me, lifted up my heart, made me laugh and made me feel so connected to the world. Thank you for being you! 


2011-02-01 14:13:15 


Hi Greg! I've been home sick for 2 days with a cold, and ran out of reading material. Luckily I found your book Atilla the Gate Agent, which I had purchased at your concert. What a terrific, inspiring book. Loved the stories of Evy McDonald and Patch Adams, and of course all your own stories. Thanks! 


2011-01-31 03:51:08 

Bert Wakeley 

Greg: Was at the Unity Church - Greenville service and concert. Laughed, wept, learned, thought, and enjoyed every minute. Know that you have the ability to touch people's lives in a most positive way. Bless you. Bert 


2011-01-18 11:45:03 

Wendy Stevens 

Hooray, Greg! I'm so happy for your POSI win! I've been skiing in Utah and out of touch--must listen today!!! 

Hugs, Wendy 


2011-01-12 19:29:31 


Hi Greg! Saw you at Unity of the Palm Beaches tonight, and what a treat! I lost one of my best friends in the Haiti earthquake a year ago, and I was going to stay home and watch documentaries on Haiti tonight, but decided instead to go see you! I'm so glad I did. You picked me up from the doldrums! Hope you come back soon! 


2010-12-16 04:02:46 


Hey Greg - I wanted to say that you are an inspiration. Fun, hilarious, and talented. Happy Holidays. 


2010-10-28 16:23:13 

Wendy Stevens 

Hi, Greg-attempted to leave a note right after the Asilomar retreat, but think it failed. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book & am so impressed with what it reveals about your consciousness. It was delightful lunching with you on your birthday. Hope the trip to Italy was fun and successful. 

Hugs & blessings, Wendy Stevens 


2010-10-12 23:34:47 

Sandy Hattan 

Have a wonderful tour of Italy! I only wish we had been able to join you! Hoping to see you when you are up here in the NW after your Italy trip. 


2010-10-09 16:32:45 

Wendy Stevens 

Greg, I just love your songs! The lyrics are so intellectual and clever, I feel smart because I understand them! 

Hugs & blessings, Wendy


2010-10-04 19:54:05 

Rabbi Steve Vale 

Your book is good medicine. You have a little Dave Barry meets Mark Twain meets Harlan Ellison meets Hugh Prather meets Chuang Tsu vibe going on. As if they all got together and created an unholy creation (after everyone called them mad): you. 


2010-09-26 11:51:09 

sue butler 

Saw you today at Unity Dallas. Lost my husband in June and haven't been able to drag my butt to church. Today I forced it and YOU were the answer. Thanks so much, you never know who is out there that you touch. 


2010-08-14 14:10:10 

David Brush 

I truly enjoyed your compendium of short stories in "Atilla The Gate Agent." What a marvelous collection of essays recounting some of the inward and outward journeys you've experienced as you've traveled across the country and around the globe. I found reading your book such a pleasure. 


2010-07-25 03:20:20 

Deanna Lesea 

Greg: Happy to make contact. I am excited about your travel expeditions. Where will your trips take you after Italy? I am interested in Southwest Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, Western Canada(Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper and the Ice fields). Will you be going to any of these locations. I would love to go on the Italy trip, but don't think I can swing it so soon. I look forward to experiencing you and your concerts and traveling with you in the near future. You sound like the healthy dose of medicine I need. Keep smiling, people won't know what you are up to. Many Blessings, Deanna 


2010-05-25 09:44:03 

Doug Szper 

I just wanted to let you know what a great collection of songs you created on "The Grand Design" CD. Every time I listen to it, I am moved to tears. "Dolphin Therapy," "Carl Sagan," "All These Atoms," "I Wish." Each has such a great message that really resonates with me. Fortunately, I listen while I work from home, so I don't have to explain the tears to anyone. 


2010-05-22 06:38:46 


Is there a link that I could forward for your article, "The Tradition of the First Laugh?" Awesome! I want to share this article with my family. 

GREG'S NOTE: The article is called "First Laugh Ceremony," and is available here: 


2010-05-20 19:00:50 

Diane Sisk 

So glad you are coming to VA this weekend. It's just what I need after todays AFGO. I loved meeting you in Vail with Luke in 2007 and Wilmington that summer with my aunt. 


2010-05-19 11:35:46 

Polly A. Lamberth 

Just purchased and downloaded "You Can't Blame The Wreck On The Train. I would love to have the lyrics of this song for a class I am teaching tonight.' 

Thank you, 


GREG'S NOTE: That song is available here: 


2010-03-24 17:59:09 

Paul Valens 


You did let me laugh, for sure 

But on top of that: you did let me think! 

And thinking as a part of a social process 

Not an autistic type 

You did let me view 2.0 

You did let me act and interact 3.0 

You did let me live 4.0 



2009-12-25 06:18:25 

Meryl Ann 

I swear my heart practically stopped when I heard the beginning of "Holy Now" - I had sort of forgotten about it, I guess, but the impact of hearing it the first time at the Heritage concert came right back to me. It is a stunning song, and I mean "stunning" as in stunning me back into connection with my source.  

I'm still listening to it. over and over. I'm hooked. Addicted is more like it. Holy cow!!! LOL! 


2009-12-23 17:30:22 

Mary Carol 

Let me just say...What an awesome CD!  

So many lines were brilliantly priceless...I loved the "hired guns"! 

I really just love it. 


2009-12-23 16:37:01 


One day last week the pony express rode into town and with the thunder of hooves and a lot of yelling I got a package wrapped in a brown paper bag that had something to do with a "Tamblyn" so I snatched it from the sweaty rider and put it in my faithful but slow CD player and started to laugh a bunch! Greg I really liked it -- it was very funny yet with a lot of truth sprinkled in about life! Thank you for creating it and for the humor! 

Have a beautiful holiday! 


2009-12-14 12:24:26 

John Witter 

Thank you for your humor and insights to life. Coming to Arizona any time soon? 


2009-12-09 01:34:05 

Helena (from Sweden) 

Thank You Greg, for the song Writer's Block! Working as a psychotherapist I must say you really made a wonderful, competent and funny illustration of what happens when different parts of us takes over the show! 


2009-11-15 13:38:28 

Pat Orange 

Can HARDLY wait until Sunday in Bon Air to see you again! It's been too long since I laughed until my sides hurt! 


2009-11-05 08:42:00 

John Frieden 

Hello Greg! I was fortunate to meet you and attended a short small song presentation some years ago in 1998 in South Florida. I ended up buying every CD you were selling that day. 

Greg your heartfelt songs have been an inspiration and a hope for me. I fall into the category of one who has been on the awareness path for many years and realize that the road is still so amazingly very long and not easy at all. Your words, harmonies and melodies have helped me bridge and open my Heart to others. You are a delight and a gift of love to all. I thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts. May you continue to have fun and create in your life. Thank you, John from Portland, OR. 


2009-10-27 19:18:24 

Margaret Watkins 

Thru my son Curt Watkins, 

I have purchased several of your posters. Last evening a friend in my home saw one framed on the wall and would like the particulars for obtaining one. 


2009-09-18 17:42:16 

Karen Reid 

My name is Karen and I live in Arkansas... I liked the computer song you wrote some more lyrics for that song for you tonight 9.17.09 as you are singing in Ft. Lauderdale where my best friend is watching you perform. Love what you do... Thanks for giving! 

Just wanted to say  

If I could I'd be there 

Listening to your songs  

With a wish and a prayer...  

But my friend she came to see you  

Tonight in Ft. Lauderdale...  

And I now know all about you  

from the Arkansas Trail.  

Will you come 2 Fayetteville?  

I'd like to see your work.  

Otherwise I'll review you on  

The computer... what a perk! 

But come on down to Hawgtown I'll see you on the trail...  

Just remember Jamie Nelson  

She's in Ft. Lauderdale Yes...  

Just remember Jamie Nelson 

You won't forget her 

Thats no tale! 


2009-09-06 11:31:44 

Patricia Norris 

Hi Greg,our hearts are still ignited from the lovely concert you performed here in Willits. Our friend Christopher told us later that it was one of the best evenings he ever spent. He bought the albums, played the Dolphin Song for his wife, and she was so moved, burst into tears.  

It was such a joy to spend time with you, let's do it again soon! 




2009-09-02 08:38:55 

Michele Day 

Hi Greg, 

I'm very glad to hear that you too had a great time with us on Sunday! I just got home from choir practice where I had your book tucked in a sleeve in my binder. As I was turning the pages, your book fell out and the people around me all recognized it! One person picked it up and held it up to many others nearby and said "hey, look what she has!" Of course, that started a conversation of how much we enjoyed you! I almost got scolded for disrupting choir practice. smile 

I also forgot to let you know how very beautiful your guitar sounded! What rich and melodious tones it sings....of course it helps a LOT if the person doing the playing knows how to strum in such a way that its true potential can be realized. You play so beautifully and I admired the ease in which you played and sang! You are definitely following your guided path in life! I hope you are very happy spreading all this fun and joy everywhere you go Greg. You bring so much to so many!!! 

love and blessings to you, 

Michele Day ;-) 


2009-08-27 12:17:29 

Christopher Prim 

Hi Greg, 

I wanted to say once more what a treat it was to see you perform. You are one class act. Looking forward to the new album! 



2009-08-06 16:48:18 

Richard Helm 

I vote for "Analog Brain In Digital World." A mouthful but it's more catchier. IMO 


2009-08-04 23:52:00 


This guy is right up your alley, Greg! Have a look at this video:  


Hope to have you back in Bellingham WA again soon! Alice and I miss you. 


2009-07-13 11:44:48 

Randy C. Frazier 

Hey Greg, just a follow up to my voice message. Would like to get about 20 of your business cards. I'll facilitate the State Leaders Conf. for Keep America Beautiful in Chicago next week. I'll play "All These Atoms" for them - and recommend your work; hoping it does you some good because I KNOW you'd be good for them. Peace and Grace, 


29 Underwood Rd. 

Bigelow, Arkansas 72016 


2009-06-30 08:01:45 

Donna McGinness 

Hi Greg, I Attended your recording at CSL Friday night and I've been thinking about it ever since. After seeing your calendar, I realized just how lucky we were to get to hear you!!! Thanks for a wonderfully funny and inspiring evening, Donna McGinness (aka wife of the bank guy, Don) 


2009-06-22 15:08:16 

Craig S. Jones 

How about coming back to Roanoke sometime in 2010? it's been awhile. 


2009-05-18 20:53:20 


So glad you are coming to Salida! My friend Dea Maltby is so happy that you are coming there.... Of course I am going to be there... Get ready for a great time and wonderful time 


2009-05-02 23:28:06 

Valerie Talia 

Hi Greg, 

I am a friend of Linda Gold out here in California. She was telling me about the trips you put together and I was wondering if you still do them. If so, could you send me some information? I would love to check it out. 

Warm regards, 

Val Talia 


2009-04-20 20:15:27 

kathleen graff-serino 

Greg, we sang to each other and re-introduced ourselves on Sunday the 19th @ Living Water Unity, if you have time in Sept. when you're back in Colo. lets have lunch or a glass of tea together. Be well, enjoy your tour. Namaste, Kathleen 


2009-03-24 05:09:22 

Tricia Duffy 

Hey Greg 

Last time we saw each other was in Orlando on the roller coasters with David! Love your site and your videos. Keep spreading smiles, for miles and miles. It'll never hurt anyone.. most of all keep a smile deep in your own heart. ~Tricia Duffy Roth 


2009-02-22 19:36:54 

Clay Timmons 

Love your music and message at Unity Dallas today. Your music has been in my heart and CD player since I saw you the last time you were in Dallas. Namaste 

2009-02-22 15:19:25 


Linda Adams 

Totally enjoyed your songs and humor and thoughtful lyrics this morning at Unity of Dallas. Thanks! 


2009-01-13 15:16:55 


Hi Greg, 

In the collage video I especially liked the snippets of your brothers foot. Those pesky camera guys are always trying to get in the shot. Better a foot in the shot than one in the mouth as many on the other end of the camera often do. Thanks for helping me smile from time to time. 


2009-01-09 10:58:25 


Hi Greg. Keep up the great work! I'm just starting as a comedy writer and started a blog. Check it 


2008-11-25 10:52:12 


Greg; You never cease to amaze me. May you continue to share your song/verse, humor & love in more wider venues. AGL 


2008-11-09 08:47:59 

Dave Harrill 

I first heard you on Ourstage with "Common Side Effects Include". After 3 months in competition, and not winning that category, I realized that site was a joke. And because of that, I requested that all my material be removed and my account closed, which to my surprise , they did without question. I wish you all the best. 

Dave Harrill 

MusicGrip LLC 


2008-08-12 08:24:22 

Valorie Kay 

What a beautiful website! I am impressed. Thanks for the free down-loads.  

My question of the day is what are the airlines doing now with our guitars when we travel? Is there a fee and will they still put it in the closet or overhead? I haven't flown since Feb.  

I heard how the airlines bought you a new one and they had to buy me a new case. 


2008-08-02 11:37:37 

Gracie Vandiver 

Hey Greg, 

Congratulations on your 2008 Posi Award Nomination! See you at the awards.  

Much love,  



2008-06-18 11:45:49 



I love it! This is a wonderful site. You made it happen just right! 




2008-06-18 09:11:44 


I have twice to see you, once in FL and once while visiting in MI. I enjoy you so much and look forward to be able to see you again. Love your website. Regards TUT 


2008-06-11 10:37:25 

S. Ogrady 

You have a great new website but please lose the slide show at the top. It is very distracting and annoying. 


2008-06-09 21:01:44 

Sammi Whytecap 

Hi Greg! 

I think you may recall; I went to SME and am McLean's friend. We've traded albums before. Anyway, you have a great website here & obviously doing well -- I'm very happy for your success! 

Take care, 



2008-06-09 17:10:09 


Glad you didn't buy my yacht, we can still be friends. Sorry that I do not see you coming to S Fla. Will be front row if you get back here, might have accommodations to offer you then, right now, just homeless lawyers. Be silly. 


2008-06-05 16:47:23 

Shira Nahari 

Greg, your new Web site is gorgeous! Sleek, spiffy, user-friendly, and .. Greg-arious! I'm going to share it with all my friends -- and even my enemies (if I can find any). 

Thanks for all your hard work. It definitely paid off in eye-candy and food for the funnybone AND soul. 

Blessed be 

in Love and Light, 



2008-06-05 07:16:05 

Dana Agnellini 


Can you introduce me to Goldie Hawn? Nice always..cutting edge. Maybe I'll see you labor Day Weekend...looks like a fun event! PS...enjoyed the book! 

See you soon. Dana 


2008-06-05 02:00:52 

Kim Power 

Love this new site Greg. Just the other day a friend who attended your concert in our loungeroom in Australia told me she loved listening to your music and wants more, more, more! Don't we all? Have sent her this link. Cheers from Oz. 


2008-06-04 22:10:54 

Kathryn Drew 

One great blog, Greg. I have all of your CD's since you were at Unity of Mesa and sang for us at Bill Raines' class. You are a gift to all of us. Thank you. 


2008-06-04 18:26:04 

Janet Gossett 

Dear Mr. Wonderful, 

I love your new website... 

My favorite the easy access to listen to your voice. Love and miss you, 



2008-06-04 14:42:07 

David Ault 

Well, there's just nothing better than a big dose of Greg to make everything right with the world. No where I might get some? 


2008-05-06 19:08:45 

gloria Hearten 

I wanted to thank you for the CD! Hope to see you again soon. 

Gloria Hearten 


2008-03-29 12:54:59 

hello greg, 

I have been a fan for many years, but since moving to Carmel, CA I've not seen you in person. You are amazing. Have you considered speaking/singing at TED? You would be wonderful., and you would be enjoyed by an equally amazing audience. 


2008-03-10 07:34:45 

Linda Price 

What a delightful evening, I really enjoyed your show. 


2008-01-24 07:42:18 

Melissa Phillipe 

I started your book...YOU are SUCH an AWESOME writer! So fun and funny - I love laughing aloud all by myself when I am reading you! 


2007-11-20 16:28:12 


Hi, Enjoyed your presentations during the International Sound Healing Conference. So...greetings from Lee's Summit. :) 


2007-10-05 18:59:07 


Your book is the most healing delightful thing I own... I am reading one page or less a night because while I will read it again, I don't want it to ever end. And when it does I fully expect to have some withdrawal. I LOVE IT in so many ways... 


2007-08-24 10:43:16 

Claudia Carawan 

Thank you for your book. It's excellent...entertaining, insightful and humorous. You're a great story teller. Loved the story about Patty Smith - who would have thunk it? So congratulations on your new title: "author!" 


2007-07-23 11:12:25 

Kimberly Cormier 

Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful energy and your humorous messages of change. I purchased your 2 CD set called: "The Grand Design", and I love it. I hope the words never stop coming to you. What a great and wonderful talent! Have a happy journey and I hope to see you again in the Bay Area. 


2007-07-12 18:33:30 

Kathleen Smith 

I read your book last night. Kept thinking I would stop after the next story but found I was just too drawn to read on. The subtitle is apt. Your stories run the gamut from hilarious to poignant and your ability to mix the two allows the reader to experience a true slice of life. As in your lyrics, there is always a lesson for the taking. I genuinely enjoyed it and know others will as well. 


2007-07-10 13:15:07 

Jim Beal 

We've really enjoyed reading your book....humorous, touching, exciting and thoughtful short stories....ideal for reading as a positive message, just before going to sleep. (And I DO NOT mean they put you to sleep!) 


2007-07-09 16:40:20 

Marilyn Phyllis 

Hi Greg, I received ATILLA THE GATE AGENT -- sat right down and read it all the way through -- didn't matter if I had dinner or not -- I LOVED it. It made me laugh, it made me cry, but mostly it made me appreciate the little things in life that make it so special. Thank you, thank you, thank you -- a great treat. 


2007-07-09 16:37:48 

Karen Lowry 

Greg, I finished your book a few days ago and wanted to thank you. You write in the same uplifting style that I love in your songs. I was going to suggest the only thing you could have done to make it better was to make it longer, but it was perfect. 


2007-07-05 18:45:27 

Edith Martin 

Received your book this week and had to stifle raucous laughter coming home from the city on the train and reading about the WHOOP WHOOP 'chili' lady. The train passengers must have thought I was having a choking WHOOP myself! 

Terrific remedy for boosting one's endorphins and essential for every patient in hospitals. You'd have to add a word of caution advising against the read for those who might burst their surgical stitches.  

When is your next publication out? Let me know - don't let us down and squib out on the follow-up. 

Keep up the lafs, we all need 'em on this nutty planet. 

Warmest thanks. 


2007-06-17 17:43:19 

Sara Bremeyer 

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book!! 

I had heard a few of the stories before but I loved the finale about 

your family taking Dad's ashes to the golf course. That was beautiful!! 

You're a gifted writer and I'm so glad you got these wonderful stories 

into a book. It was a delightful read for me! Thank you! 

I'm a true fan of yours! Keep writing those tunes too!! 


2007-06-17 17:13:52 

Paul Steinhauser 

Your book is a gem.  I laughed at Attilla, cried with McDonald, and found poignant pearls throughout.  Thank you for writing it.  Your wide angle view of taking a big bite out of the apple of life always energizes me in the best possible way.


2007-06-10 13:41:23 

Rosalind Sedacca 

Hi Greg -- wonderful book! Your unique perspective and obtuse "take" on life's obstacles makes for great reading and thought-provoking insights. Your sense of humor ranges far beyond mere tongue in cheek, and those heartfelt moments that capture the real meaning of being human make this book -- and all your writing -- a gift and a blessing. 

Rosalind Sedacca, CCT 


2007-06-08 20:43:23 

Mary Carol Moore 

I love your book? It is an enchanting collection of tales..moving, humorous, insightful?and wholly inspirational..You write in such a way that I feel I am right there with you..I just love going on adventures with you and? never packing a bag... You are a soul inspired, and I'm so happy you share your gifts with the rest of us. 


2007-06-07 08:14:39 

Jay Bremyer 

Like your songs, music, newsletter, commentary and general take on life. Your Atilla the Gate Agent, Travel Tales ... is a beautiful, heart-health-promoting, good laughs treat. Thanks! 


2007-06-06 14:08:06 

Al McCree, Altissimo! Records 

Greg, Thoroughly enjoyed reading Attila. Finished it on a recent flight to Las Vegas and laughed all the way through. You are one funny guy. 


2006-09-03 05:00:08 

Edith Martin 

Hi Greg, Just spent an hour or so reading all your news entries. Especially terrific reading your fun and insightful comments on your recent visit to sunny Australia. It was 'special' meeting and sharing your company in the group. Blessings amidst laughter. 


2006-06-13 10:05:27 


Hi Greg, My daughter was unable to come to your concert in Norwalk, CT this May. She's 12 and loves listening to the CDs with your songs and humor as much as I do. We love to laugh and your songs and music certainly ad joy to our days. 

Thanks so much for sharing your light in Norwalk. 


2006-06-13 07:43:26 


Greg - great getting to know you, can't wait for more inspiration via your newsletter! 


2006-05-17 07:42:44 



A friend from Key West recently sent an article about the songwriter scene in the made me think of you, tho' that was a long time ago. Haven't seen or talked to you in years and was thrilled to see your Web site and listen to a few new songs. You're more amazing than ever! Cheers to you. Kathy 


2006-05-02 17:41:20 

Beth Carlson 

Hi Greg!-just want to give you my new address for your newsletter. I thought of you today cuz I was struggling with an issue and LAF came to me and lifted me back up. Thanks for your never forgotten wisdom. Hope all is well and happy and whole with you! love, beth 


2006-04-23 22:08:18 

David Gorchoff 


Per Melissa's request, I have added a link from to your website. Blessings to you. 


2006-04-04 12:49:28 


Hi Greg - My boss came to work one day with a set of your CDs. He was just RAVING about what a good show you had just done that week. Needless to day, I haven't given him his CD's back because I LOVE YOUR MUSIC... and, especially YOUR MESSAGE. It's brilliant, beautiful, incredible and inspiring. Thank you for doing what you do! Keep changing the world... :-) 


2006-02-24 17:09:30 


A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind. Cheers for the good work! 


2006-02-08 19:34:12 

Marilyn Havens 

Thanks so much for the beautiful music at Bo's funeral. It was a perfect selection and lovingly sung. I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as we did...maybe more. I meant to speak to you after the service but they ushered us out the center isle. I have two of your CD's and they often start off my morning. You are doing a great work and one of the people in this world who appears to have a great time doing what you love. Thanks again..Marilyn 


2006-02-08 11:08:10 

Pat O'Gara 

Hi Greg, Saw you in Sun City and LOVED you and your music. I have always enjoyed outrageous humor, and your songs had me laughing and tapping my feet. I bought "Grand Design" and having been playing it every day. I hope to see you again and will be ordering more CD's soon. You do remind me of Randy Newman, but you are better!!! Love, Pat O'Gara 

2006-01-10 20:15:31 

Annette Marie 

Heya Greg, I was at your concert on Fri. the 6th in Clearwater. I am on your mailing list. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope to see you again in the area. 

Peace, Light, and Love, Annette Marie 


2006-01-10 11:00:28 

Becca Christel-Palm 

Greg - My name is Becca. I am from Seattle Washington and one of the other artists on the Peace is our birthright sountrack. I just listened to your song on the CD and want to let you know how much I appreciate your work and how deeply moved I am. Wow! Thank you for your beautiful expression!  

Can I say Wow again? :) 


Becca Christel-Palm 


2006-01-09 11:33:45 

Gayle Lander 

POSI-PALOOZA was positively fantasic!! One of my top ten experiences. The Grand Design is playing as I work, what a great way to spend the day. :) 

Hope to see you again in Clearwater real soon. Love & blessings, Gayle 


2005-11-01 10:15:52 

Elizabeth Black 

We saw you two nights ago. The knowing and feeling the truth of oneness, and the pleasure of laughing at life's ironies is still with me. I am very glad you are you, and share yourself with us. Thank you. May all the love and appreciation you can hold come roaring your way. 


2005-10-28 10:09:40 

Bona Bourlier 

Hi Greg I met you in Gaithersburg. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your concert. I had such a wonderful time singing and laughing. Thank you for a neat evening. 


2005-10-09 11:41:20 

Cindy White 

Hi Greg, Thank you so much for your wonderful music and humor at the AOU Conference. Just wanted to let you know that you touched my funny bone and my heart. Blessings of Love and Joy, Cindy 


2005-10-02 20:23:54 

Donna Tomaso 

Hi Greg, 

Hope you are fine! I have been thinking about the Tibetan trip this week... 

I have great memories... 

Love, Donna 


2005-08-15 14:19:03 

Pat Knee 

Hi Greg, I met you in Merritt Island. I think your mind is unusual and wonderful.  


Pat Knee 


2005-07-10 08:02:49 

Davetta Lashley 

Hi, Greg! I just saw you on a show on Public Access in NYC and I had to "Google" you. I heard you sing your song, "Common Side Effects Include". You are so funny and so wise. It's been a while since I heard a song that I wanted to tell all my friends about. God bless you and keep you well. 


2005-07-01 16:35:03 

Greg Tamblyn 

We have the same name dude!!!! 


2005-05-22 07:42:53 


I've never felt such a deep resonance to any music (with words) pours from you at the soul level. The love you sing about transcends all the junk. It's divine love and it's within all of us. I find the more I let it in, the more powerful it is for me. Your messages have a bottomless depth that can't register the full beauty on an intellectual level. The power of your songs is so concordant with the current universal tide~ to venture into new dimensions of ourselves to find alignment and healing and love. And to have fun in the mystery. It's all there and it's all possible, and it's probably more simple than we believe it to be. The energy of your music raises the frequency of the moment. Part of the genius of this latest CD, that I see, is that it can profoundly reach people who have let go of the victim position (especially the studio tracks) and draw people into dusting off unwanted clutter by laughing their sides apart with the humor of the live tracks. All of it feels like it seeps into the DNA. Thanks. 


2005-05-09 11:55:00 

John & Debbie Rorer 

After last year's Science & Consciousness Conference, when my wife brought back "Grand Design" we've been devoted, irreverent fans. This year at Santa Fe was my first Conference and we hope we'll see you there next year. It's such a pleasure to realize there are so many of us Otters of the Universe. We're enjoying all the rest of your CD's now and it really lightens up our little corner of the Bible Belt (coastal North Carolina). We'd join you in Ireland, but alas our vacation is used up this year - maybe a spiritual tour with the menehune's in Hawaii next year (your companion from Santa Fe would make an orchid lei envious ;-), it's the geologist thing, right). Vaya con Dios, amigo 

Debbie & John 


2005-04-28 02:43:54 

Brian Crowther 

HI Greg, 

I am the fellow who cycled with you and my daughter Jessica down the volcano in Bali back to Ubud.  

I and my father (who lives in the UK) really enjoyed your CD "Saving the World...). We enjoyed our trip to the UK and have had a happy first part of 2005. 

REgards Brian 


2005-04-13 10:19:34 

Robert R. Wohlgemuth 

Have been a fan of Greg's for years now. Just wanted to update my e-mail address so I don't miss any of your informative e-mails. Thanks much for enriching so many lives. 


2005-03-13 13:48:05 

lauralee grey 

hi there greg, 

i just got back from fox valley, spent the day there listening to you. i enjoyed myself fully, you light my spirits and energy. thank you, you angel! ~ 

i send you energy in regards to your dad passing, as i did when you sang it in the concert for the first time,...thank you. 

the meditation was very powerful, i spoke w/ several people and they agreed, powerful...thank you. 

i love that chant. 

many blessing, 



2005-03-10 06:32:34 

Dana Agnellini 

I wanted to publicly thank Greg for his help. I've been a fan for years and Greg stayed at my place while doing a concert for us in Fredericksburg, Va. Greg was a gracious house guest and was kind enough to listen to my orginal songs, provide me feedback and encouragement. I called Greg not long ago for his suggestions on recording my first CD and he gave me great advice! I just got back from Nashville and I am absolutely thrilled with the CD! It will probably be available before the summer. It has exceeded my wildest expectations! (Is that really me???) Thanks Greg, you are a blessing to many. My prayer is that you become a blessing to more and more every day! 


2005-02-10 13:42:34 

Toni Browning 

Went to your concert on Monday night and really enjoyed it. You spoke of Whiny Love Songs and I remembered a song my older sister used to love to sing...Johnny Get Angry, by Joanie Summers. It was released somewhere in the early to mid 60's. If you haven't heard it, check it out...It more than qualifies for your contest! 


2005-01-26 16:00:55 

Peter Hopkins 

HI Greg hope to see you in Batavia, IL March 13. I sent another email, hope you get it, too. 


2005-01-20 17:55:37 

Kathleen Osta 

Hi Greg, 

I was just sitting down working at my computer on a project and this faintly familiar tune popped into my head from a distant memory. I started singing it with vowel sounds until, finally, the words came to me. It was from a lovely singing activity that you facilitated at the Business & Consciousness conference in Santa Fe probably 3 years ago.  

You had the women sing "Ave Maria" and men sang something else and we merged them and I remember loving that experience very, very much.  

Is there, by any chance, a recording of you doing that with some group? I would love to buy it. Whether there is or not, thank you for creating such a uplifting, heart-warming experience for me. 

Quite spontaneously and sincerely, 

Kathleen Osta


2005-01-20 16:23:04 

Penny Trial 

You put sunshine in my heart.Great show Jan 18. 


2005-01-20 13:42:48 

Cathy Ardrey 

We certainly enjoyed you in Wimberly last week, as well as your cd's I purchased. Thanks again for coming. I love the charicature picture on the web page CD cover. Always, Cathy Ardrey 


2005-01-18 13:14:41 

Phillis Funderburk 

Sure glad Roberta and Jim got the invite to me in time! Best night of music and insight I have had in a really long time (quite possibly ever!) Sure hope you plan to come back and share your light again sometime real soon. I will look forward to your next swing thru our little town of Wimberley, TX! Feel the love and keep going forward toward the light! Thanks ever so much for sharing! 


2004-12-29 04:40:38 

Sherry McClellan 

I received a sampling of your eclectic offerings for Christmas and what a gift it was! Am sending links to your websites as a heads-up to all my various friends and family members. You touched the erroneous zones of my funnybone and softened the hardened backside of my heart. Even my cat must've been effected. She jumped into my lap for the lst time ever, and purred thru your entire rendition of So Much Love on your Art From The Heart CD. Indescribeable Joy was felt for the lst time in far too long. Thank You for sharing your gifts of love and laughter. Truly Awesome. I'm still astonished by the effect it had on me...and by the fact that I hadn't heard of you, sooner..WoW. 


2004-11-15 12:52:34 

La Vonne Noe 

Loved the performance in St. Louis! Please email me when you're in our area again.


2004-11-03 18:00:38 

Allen Cook 

Hello, Greg. You may or may not remember me...keyboard playing singer from Kansas City. Saw your name in Jana's book, and wanted to say "hello". Glad to see you're still playing that guitar. May blessings continue to follow you! 


2004-11-02 19:21:29 


Just found you website from Jana Seinfield. Please send information about upcoming trips. Thanks Maureen 


2004-09-20 11:42:41 

Vernon Deets 

My name is Vernon Deets and I live in DoubleClutch Tennesseee. I have some pomes I'd like to sale you. Please call me at the phone booth rite outside the Piggly Wiggly in Dumptruck Tennesseee. It's just down the rode from DoubleClutch. 

Hey, you know anybody who wonts a 61 Chivy pickuptruck? I got one for seal. $416.95 even. Yur future frind, Vern 

PS: I know Jesco White up to Kentucky. He siad you dont know nuthin. 


2004-07-28 16:57:53 

Bess Russell 

Hi Greg, I forgot to write down my e-mail address for the newsletter. Enjoyed listening to you last weekend. Loved the tapes and thank you for the one you gave me for helping out. It was truly my pleasure. Hope I can attend Bali. I will If I can find some one from Grand Junction who is also going. Love & Blessings. Bess 


2004-07-20 12:07:46 

John Newcomb 

Dear Greg, 

I work for Brad Blanton in Stanley, VA. When I listen to your music I feel calm and often begin to cry. The lyrics in your songs are so beautiful and you deliver them with such grace. 


2004-07-17 21:10:14 

Rachel Brault 

Hello Greg, 

I was blesssed to be in the front row at Cabaret Night, Sacto SLC July 17th. I was either laughing from my belly or crying from my heart at the songs you sang. I found your message to ring true to the new me I am becoming. You have wonderful gifts and I thank you for sharing your talents with us and with the world you travel. I look forward to your return and will tell all my friends to come see you as it will be a night with Greg that they won't forget! 

Isten Velitek! [Not sure of the spelling!!] My heritage is 1/2 Hungarian and this means "Go with God." 

Rachel Brault 


2004-07-16 22:58:38 

Gary McFarland 

Sacramento Cabaret Night: Greg, thanks from my heart for sharing your blessings of talent and honesty with us. Yes, I found my family here, too, and I am filled with joy to know you are a part of it. Come any time, the door will always be open. 


2004-07-08 06:49:36 

Mark Piersol 

On a recent weekend road trip we became stuck in a traffic jam. While desperately searching for some music, we found "The Grand Design". Our spirits were immediately lifted! Thank you for entertaining us in San Marcos, Texas. Cheers and Best Wishes! 


2004-06-28 15:11:07 


Last time saw you was in gr mi. First in cape coral, hope youwill be comming our way back to fl soon. tut 


2004-06-01 17:34:16 

Will Harper 

You have a very nice web site. I really enjoyed browsing it. Thank you for providing this. If you are ever visiting the Virginia or North Carolia beaches, please let me know! 

Blessings - Will 


2004-04-16 08:29:36 

Jan Jorritsma 

I saw you in Sussex County in NJ. Loved your stuff, would like to see you on the East Coast more often! 


2004-01-22 13:35:38 

Lyndall Caldwell 

First heard you with John Considine in IL and have since caught you twice at UCOP KS. 

I have a whiny victim love song by Josh Rouse, I believe. They play him a lot on 90.9 KTBG-FM, Warrensburg, MO ( I think it's called "Come Back": I been waiting for you the longest time/I want you to come back/Maybe if the sun will shine/Bring my happy back/I'm going to stay on this mountain high.../Doctor says I'll feel better soon/Vitamin D pills/I miss my seratonin/My days are going nowhere fast/Come back/Come back/Come back.../Cause I been waitin' for you the longest time/I want you to come back/I want you to come back... 

Isn't that pathetic? How often does it work to beg someone to come back to you? --LC 


2004-01-06 14:52:55 

Nolan Lowe 

I dont know if you remember but you dated my mother about 18 years ago. I am 22 now and I still listen to your record with birds used to be dinosaurs and it cracks me up everytime. Are you gonna be in the long island area anytime soon? Let me know. 


2003-12-19 15:12:55 

Tandy Warwick 

Greetings from an old friend! I miss the good old days, buddy! Love your website! 


2003-12-17 05:47:58 


Greg, I would like to perform the song "Neptune" since it is one of your best songs plus it has humor to it. If you don't have it, do you think that you could make some tabs. If you could that would be great, but if not, thanks for trying and puting forth as much energy as you are now. Its that most websites you go to, the "famous people" including you, never really respond to the guest list personally and since you did, that has made it all worth while. Thanks again. 


2003-12-16 10:45:12 


Hey Greg, I want to perform some of your music for a youth rally. Could you or anyone who reads this, suggest a site or Greg's personal e-mail address so I can get the guitar music. Thanks for your help. 


2003-12-05 15:39:05 

John Dunne 

Me again. I just read the piece on the newsboard about not doing Ireland next year. What a pity but at least you are thinking of us Paddies. 


2003-11-03 16:36:31 


Absolutely adored your singing in Westlake OH. The total package you have made around yourself is purely delightful..such a joyous wonderful funny brilliant package...your songs, your jokes, your mannerisms, your all comes together and creates beauty on this earth..and uplifts. 


2003-10-30 19:02:19 


Yes thank you for the concert in Portland, ME. Sorry it has taken so long. I too did some laughing. You hit a chord with several things. Am enjoying the CDs. You reminded me that I'm ok even if I'm harder on me than I need to. Again thanks. Looking forward to info on trip in 2004. Blessings 


2003-10-20 20:27:15 


Really enjoyed meeting you in portland ME. Thanks for making me laugh and cry-it was a beautiful event. Love & Light 


2003-10-15 19:25:59 

Linda Joy 

Very much enjoyed meeting you in Tallmadge. I have been carrying a heavy "load" lately, and your silly approach to the serious business of this life was exactly what I needed! I was very disappointed then ashamed then depressed that I had to work that evening--I really wanted to come to the evening concert. But life rolls on, and my dog needs to eat, so I chose to work, instead of playing hooky. It sucks to be me some times -then others it is glorious! Hope to hear your next concert in the area. (Perhaps I WILL play hooky next time!) Love & best wishes for your silly self. Linda 


2003-08-26 17:06:23 

Ron Musselman 

Hi Greg, Enjoyed your program in Palo Alto on 8-24-03. Am enjoying your CD's as well. 

As suggested, Be Silly. 



2003-08-05 13:41:12 

Brian Haag 

Looking foward to meeting you, I am a volunteer with Trees for Life. 


2003-07-30 10:15:08 

Gaila Loring Gale 

Met you in Key West back in '98 and helped by being in the back selling tapes--I'd be amazed if you remembered me. But...I'm so glad to see how wonderfully well you're doing and feel you ought to syndicate your Newsletters...entertaining and illuminating and educational. Am looking into the Human Alliance because of you. Hope to be able to attend another of your concerts and will be getting your latest CD. You could be a Master-in-Disguise for your simultaneous profundity and lightness! Glad you're here! 


2003-07-26 22:33:14 

Greg Tamblyn 

G'day from Australia,until today I didn't know of any others with the same name! Congratulations! 


2003-07-17 14:05:38 

veala kabel 

hi i'm interested in your song "one day on the fields of france," and i was wondering if maybe you could send me the lyrics and maybe a picture from the music video. thanks a lot. also if you could send me a send back adress so i can wright you again that would be great. 

love ya, always 



2003-07-17 12:11:41 

Siddhartha Rajput 

Great website! -Siddhartha Rajput 


2003-07-17 09:54:26 

Michele Sneed 

Hey Greg, Many thanks for coming to Huntsville last week. I so enjoyed your concert on Sunday 7/13 and am continuing to enjoy your gifts as I absorb your messages and delightful personality that beam through the 6 CDs I was able to purchase on Sunday. Your work/play inspires and entertains and "NOW"s me as it obviously does so many others! I look forward to attending more of your performances in days to come. Have been peacefully smiling as I've been reading through all of your website. Your writing blesses and fullfils me. Thank you again. Namaste', Michele 


2003-07-07 08:33:36 

David Harvey 

Glad to hear you're coming out to Wichita to support Trees for Life! 


2003-06-19 20:18:31 

Dan Copeland 

Your music is a reason to get up every morning. Thank you. 


2003-03-27 19:16:32 

Allan Williams 

Thirty years later; I'm still out here. Look for me in Raleigh. And Lynn. She's still with me! What a trip to discover this site and your successful history the past few decades!!! 


2003-03-22 13:15:31 

Bob Wohlgemuth 

Just wanted to say "thanks" for enriching my life and those I love with your music. Have loved your stuff since I heard you in Chicago, went crazy and bought all your CDs. PLEASE bring out some new CDs and come back to Chicago soon. 

With warmest regards & much appreciation, 

Bob Wohlgemuth 


2003-02-03 07:34:30 

Kim Faison 

Thank you for your performance in Clearwater! My husband and I really enjoyed your music and what you had to teach. 


2003-02-02 20:51:13 

Joanna Songy 

Greg, You are a rare combination of so many talents; a great voice; guitarist; story teller and sense of humor. I enjoyed your performances today and enjoyed meeting you. Hope you will come back to Clearwater soon. What our world needs is a few million more men like you! 


2003-01-23 09:39:06 

Dave Mendenhall 

We Love You Man !! Seriously... I have enjoyed spending time with you over the years. Please come back to the Northwest as soon as your schedule allows.

All the best 


2003-01-08 12:44:31 

Rev. Antje Weber 

Thank you - what a generous offering of songs. Do you ever come Northeast? 



Long Island 


2003-01-06 15:25:15 

Joe Alley 

WOW, that's my first thought when I think of you Greg, thanks so much for the message! BTW my wife wants to thank you very much, for the part when the males and females had to sing, I've never sang in public, nor has my wife of 20 years have heard me sing. When you asked us to sing together I just couldn't let you down since there where more females then males @ concert. And Marti was blown away. We will see you soon I?m sure of that. Thanks and have a Great Month in January, you made ours. 


2002-12-04 16:37:44 

Kimi Avary 

You're awesome. 


2002-11-21 22:24:04 

Cindi Bittle 

Thanks so much for the great performance in Mt. Vernon tonight. I smiled, I laughed, I cried and was touched. I look forward to the possibility of group travel next year! Until then... happy trails. 


2002-11-11 09:10:28 

Cindy Cassel 

We loved your music and the way you delivered each message. In fact, your style and voice made me think that you must be the love child of Randy Newman and Don Henley. "You Can't Blame the Wreck on the Train" is a gentler version of Henley's "Get Over It." We look forward to seeing you in the future and will enjoy your music and messages on CD until then. 


2002-11-07 15:37:06 

tom gerni 

thanks for providing your poignant songs and presentation to those, working in human services here in SW Virginia. as a musician and songwriter myself for a number of years and trained in music therapy, i recognize the power of music and our responsibility to communicate a message of hope and healing in a professional manner. we CAN do that and still be funny and entertaining... "now thyself" is no accident! hope to see you again. consider a short but good read: "May I Help You?" by Ram Dass and S. Gorman. 


2002-11-01 07:45:42 

Stan Mulder 

You visited Lakeland Florida a while back and gave a great concert. I've enjoyed your four CD's and I see you have another one (or two) available. Keep up the great work. It's nice to hear some meaningful lyrics for a change. 


2002-10-03 14:39:40 

Karen Floyd 

Hey there. I'm enjoying my CD's. It's almost as good as having you here. I'm glad we met and I enjoyed the private performance at Randy's. Let us know when you're coming back and what you're up to. I'll send you some bookmarks soon. 




2002-09-29 14:37:11 

Sonya Kyle 

I think your songs are wondeful we have a video tape also. Hope you will soon come to Michigan 


2002-08-31 11:14:48 

Kate Jackson 

AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! We loved hearing your old songs your new songs and your amazing stories! Keep coming back to California! 


2002-08-20 17:20:19 

Kathleen Swain 

What a great concert you did in Harrisburg! Looking forward to seeing you again! 


2002-08-14 10:28:03 

Jim Yingling 

Enjoyed seeing and hearing you in Harrisburg this Sunday past. Looking forward to our next fun filled encounter!! JIM 


2002-08-03 18:30:07 

Joann Keiter 

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you in Wichita. 


2002-07-21 02:17:49 

Susan Matney 

You've come a long way baby!!! I'd really love to do that workshop in Taos. I think I'll sign up. I'm glad you are going to be at Unity of OP - love you.... 


2002-07-18 21:15:44 

cindy cannon 

Hi Greg, its me from Suwanee Ga! (the Frog lady):) great web site!!!


2002-07-15 21:49:23 

Tammi Mrozinski 

Hi Greg, Just saw your concert last night You were awesome. Thank you for touching my soul. Hope to see you again soon. Love Tammi 


2002-07-15 21:43:21 

Deanna MacKenzie 


I just was introduced to your music this weekend was was truly impressed. I can honestly say I've never laughed so hard! Thank you for sharing your great talents with the world! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 




2002-07-09 07:50:52 

Jeff Hunter 

Really enjoy your music and have read on your site about your songwriting for a publishing house. I am interested in getting my songs poublished and recorded by others. Can you help? 


Jeff in Kansas City 


2002-07-05 14:24:52 

Craig S Jones 

June 30th was a great day. 

Your webpage is great. 

From a number one earth traveler. 


2002-06-24 15:39:39 

James Stewart, FASER 

Hi there hope it's going great for you, keep up the great work! 


2002-05-22 08:20:34 

Faith Gagne 

Hi Greg. 

I just want to say again how much I enjoyed your visit with us in Hyannis this past Sunday am and pm. I love your music and your charming personality. 

I am very intrigued by your upcoming trip to China and Tibet, but I do not think that I can get it together in time to join you in June. I look forward to hearing about future trips. I will enjoy your newsletter.....whenever I feel like it. Which was the moment I received it. 

Thanks again. Best wishes, Faith Gagne 


2002-05-14 08:25:24 


Hi Greg 

I just want to thank you for the great concert in Springfield. You never fail to make me cry a little and Laugh A LOT. Your voice and guitar touch my soul. Thank you for singing Roberto's Song it is my all time favorite, I don't know what it is about that song, since the first time I heard you sing it it has always been with me. 

Have a great trip to China. 

Take care 



2002-04-18 17:26:45 

Dave Howard 

Hey Greg!!! 

I'll be coming to K.C. Aug 16-19 this year. It would be great to see you if possible. When are you going to come back to Calif.? I really like your new website (well, it's new to me). Take care and bye for now. Peace on you, Dave Howard