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An award winning speaker-humorist-singer-songwriter for over 30 years, Greg combines outstanding audience rapport with an irreverent sense of humor. He captivates audiences with a wealth of powerful material about the relationship of lifestyle, music, and laughter to effectiveness and wellness. 

Based for many years in Nashville, Greg discovered there was no shortage of "Why me?" songs, and began exploring ways to lighten up life's challenges with songs like "Self-Employment Made Harder By Difficult Boss," and "Analog Brain In A Digital World." His humorous look at relationships, "Common Side Effects Include," won the Humor category top honors in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards, out of over 140,000 songs submitted. 

Greg delivered one of the primary keynotes at the prestigious Humor Project International Conference, which in past years featured Goldie Hawn, Steve Allen, Bob Newhart, and other famous funny persons. 

Along with seven CDs, Greg has released his first book of stories from the road: Atilla The Gate Agent: Travel Tales and Life Lessons From a Musical Laf-ologist. After reading it, bestselling author Dr. Larry Dossey was inspired to call Greg "...a contemporary Mark Twain..." 

In 2012 Greg launched what is now a hugely popular humor site for jokes and funny quotes of all categories: JokeQuote.com.

Although he still returns to Nashville frequently for writing and recording sessions, Greg now lives in Kansas City. His current mission in life, and one of his funniest comedy bits, is "Saving the World From Whiny Victim Love Songs."

Notable awards: 

LinkedIn - Top 1% of people endorsed for Entertainment
"Best Comedy/Novelty Song"  - Just Plain Folks Music Awards 
"Christmas Single of the Year"  - Cashbox magazine 
"Best Comedy Song"  - Music City Song Festival 
"Best Humorous Song"  - EmPower Music Awards 
“Most Uniting Song”  - EmPower Music Awards 
"Best Personal Transformation Song" - EmPower Music Awards 
"Best Male Vocalist in Kansas City"  - Squire Newspapers

(by Pam Grout, bestselling author of "E-Squared" and many other books)

When you consider that most of the songs from Nashville are about broken hearts, shattered dreams, and mamas getting run over by pickups, it's no surprise that songwriter Greg Tamblyn finally found a new niche. Tamblyn is much too successful to sing the country-western blues. He's released his 7th CD, he's playing concerts all over the country, and he's even a sought after keynote presenter at health and wellness seminars.

Tamblyn left his hometown Kansas City in 1986, stifled by a lack of opportunities. Oh sure, he was playing local bars, and he'd been rated "Best Male Vocalist in Kansas City" by a local newspaper. He'd even sold a couple of songs to a country singer from the Philippines. But the lure of Nashville was too great. Eventually, he landed a writing job for a Nashville song publisher.

Along with having some of his songs recorded by country artists, Tamblyn successfully released his own single, "It's Another Joyful Elvis Presley Christmas." It caught the attention of radio stations and reviewers around the country, and was named "Christmas Single of the Year" in Cashbox magazine.

Then the Cayman Islands Hyatt offered him a gig. Remember that poolside bar that Gene Hackman sat near in The Firm? The singer in the background could have been Tamblyn. Except by that time, he'd left, burned out by tourists wanting to hear "Margaritaville" for the 896th time. He wanted to sing his own songs.

Then he was asked to play a wellness conference at Duke University Medical Center. With songs such as "The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're Ok Corral," and "My Life is a Beer Commercial," he was a smash hit. The brochure for the conference listed Tamblyn as a member of the seminar's faculty. Where initials such as M.D. and Ph.D. followed the other presenters' names, the listing for Tamblyn was followed by N.C.W., which stands for 'No Credentials Whatsoever'.

With humorous songs about inner guides named Clyde and environmental slowpokes who think the greenhouse effect means crummy tomatoes, Tamblyn has found a huge audience. In addition to his public concerts, he's played for groups as diverse as the Department of Defense and the American Holistic Medical Association.

Stories from his life and songwriting have been featured in several recent books, including "Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backwards," by Brian Luke Seaward; "Shelter For The Spirit," by Victoria Moran; and "Art and Soul," by Pam Grout.


Greg Tamblyn, NCW (No Credentials Whatsoever), has been a successful singer, songwriter, speaker, and humorist for over 25 years. He combines outstanding audience rapport with an irreverent sense of humor, and has a special interest in the relationship of music, laughter, and lifestyle to physical and emotional well-being. Greg's humorous musings on cultural absurdities, as well as his messages of effectiveness, optimism, and service, have garnered him a large international following.

Greg has become well known for his inspiring songs about the power of the human spirit, as well as his off-the-wall send-ups of modern life, such as "The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral," "My Life is a Beer Commercial", and "Type A-Ness". Based for many years in Nashville, he now makes his home in Kansas City, and performs throughout the world for a wide variety of groups interested in wellness.

(by Laurel Sanford & Steve Scheetz)

Greg has spent much of the last 25 years performing across the U.S. and internationally. A frequent guest at conventions, conferences, and corporate events, he has delighted listeners from Beijing to Boston, and from Canada to the Caribbean. Greg's "outrageously healthy" doses of humor, combined with powerful songs and storytelling tailored to each audience, deliver a relevant and entertaining message about the human side of organizational change that lasts long after each person resumes his or her daily routine.

A Kansas City native, Greg has appeared on The Nashville Network. Nashville also serves as Greg's his second home, where this talented singer-songwriter continues to write and record songs that celebrate the passion and humor of life at work and beyond. He has released seven CDs since 1992, and his songs have been recorded internationally by other artists.


Greg Tamblyn was raised on a fishing boat in the Bahamas. He was illiterate until the age of thirteen, when his father traded a large yellowfin tuna for a guitar and some Hardy Boys mysteries, and taught him to play music and read. His mother helped him learn harmony and write his first songs.

After his father's untimely death in a shark hunting accident, his mother became fascinated by voodoo and emigrated to Haiti. Left on his own, Greg sailed the family boat to New Orleans and sold it, using the money to attend college, where (like Roy Orbison) he studied geology.

While singing at night on the streets of the French Quarter, he was discovered by a music publisher who brought him to Nashville and got him a job at a well known health food restaurant. There he was able to meet influential people in the music business and learn what wine to recommend with tofu.

In Nashville and afterward, Greg has written and recorded six albums. As well as more serious songs, they feature off-the-wall tunes about pop psychology, beer commercials, the digital age, and other musical musings on our often-crazy culture. He has appears internationally and has had songs recorded by other artists from Canada to the Philippines.

Recently Greg was back in the Caribbean, singing to a packed house, writing new songs for his next album, and searching for the rogue shark that killed his father.