Greg Events: composite photo of Abe Linclon and Greg talking into old-time wall phone. Abe says "You can't believe everything you read online, but Greg Tamblyn's shows are always a blast!

And if you can't trust Abe, then who?



STREAMING: Guest Speaker and Musician - 11am eastern

Unity of Dayton, OH

Guest Speaker and Musician in 11AM (Eastern!) Sunday Service: "G.P.S. 1.0"

Greg's Mystical "Jewels of Scotland" Adventure Tour

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Fully escorted and guided luxury tour of the best of Scotland. Please click on the "Scotland" link above and read the short summary, then download the pdf for the full itinerary. You won't believe what's included for the price. My groups are always positive, fun-loving folks who enjoy getting to know each other. We have terrific guides, and I'm there with my guitar and jokes to make sure everybody's having as much fun as they want. NOTE: These almost always fill up quickly.

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Donating to Greg and Houdini brings good luck!

Donating to Greg and Houdini brings good luck!

Donations Gratefully Accepted!

It's a crazy time as you know. Houdini the Wonder Dog and myself are fine, but it would be nice to to keep her in dog treats and me in guitar strings.

I'm working on two new books, as well as recording lots of new songs, all of which requires funding. So if you feel inclined to help, I'll be most grateful.

Also, 10% of your donations go to some great causes: Unity Worldwide Ministries, Doctors Without Borders, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

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