Now Thyself

Listen to Clarke Smith, age 9, describing the pandemic: 

    "Like looking both ways 
     before crossing the street 
     and then getting hit by a submarine." 

Wow. What a great quote. 

Can you relate? Did you get hit by a submarine? Was it yellow? 

After 3 years of life with Covid (and everything else that's been happening), my strategy remains the same: Now Thyself. *

      * Phrase originally attributed to Mel Brooks

One of the many good things about being in the Now is you can never run out. There's always more Now later

People who rank high on the Happy Meter are almost always doing one thing, and are absorbed in it to the point they lose track of time. It's the way our analog brains are wired. (You might have heard me speak and sing about this.) 

For quite awhile now I've been touting a sense of wonder, of awe, as a suspiciously healthy way to Now Thyself. It's an especially enjoyable, stress-relieving, life-giving way to feel more connected to life, other people, the Universe, this moment, and the Big Mystery. 

In short, happier. 

And now it turns out there is good scientific evidence for this, with articles aplenty, and even books. (Google it please, you may be surprised.) 

You've probably experienced it. But if not, Einstein said it this way: 

   "The most beautiful thing we can 
    experience is the mysterious. It is 
    the source of all true art and all 
    science. He to whom this emotion 
    is a stranger, who can no longer 
    pause to wonder and stand rapt in 
    awe, is as good as dead: his eyes 
    are closed." 

The spectacular images from the new James Webb Telescope offer some excellent wonder-producing moments.  This short article shows you those, and 4 other scientific reasons to feel optimistic. (Who knew we could re-grow coral reefs?) 

And just as important as Wonder?  Our old friend Humor. 

   "Research has shown that laughing 
    for 3 minutes is as healthy as a 
    20 minute jog. So now I am sitting in 
    the park laughing at all the joggers." 

    - Unknown Author 

    "Start each day with a smile and get it over with." 
     - W.C. Fields 

And always remember:
















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