From the recording Alpha Album

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(Greg Tamblyn)

Now that we’re finally here
With the hour and the moment so near
Something so beautifully clear
Has found it’s way into my heart

Something I need to say
In the sunshine that’s come here today
Though eternity takes us away
It never can take us apart

Can’t you just feel my love
Don’t you feel my love
Can’t you feel my love
Take you away
‘Cause I can feel your love
I feel it lift me up
I can feel your love
take me away

There’s an ocean of love all around us
And we’ve tried to hide but it’s found us
And it’s waiting to rush in and drown us
At the sound of a beckoning call

So I think we should sing
For the happiness this hour brings
“Cause a song is a powerful thing
When it comes from the love of us all


© 1978 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, BMI