1. Standing Still
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TRACK NOTES (Scroll down for Lyrics)

Written by my long-time friend Mike Mahaffey in Nashville. Recorded at County Q Studio in Nashville with many of the usual suspects - great guys I love recording with.

If you like the backup vocals, let me give a shout out to the fabulous Kate Wallace - now of Los Angeles I believe - who sang with me on many tracks. I really love her voice.


(Mike Mahaffey)

We are flying high, we are making time
We love corners cut, we don’t like lines
All our days are blurred and our nights are filled
There’s no time left for standing still

We know what to say at the perfect time
We’ve been schooled to act, geared to climb
We have wheels that turn, we were made to build
We’ve lost the knack for standing still

An inward look in a quiet place
A loved one’s touch, a child’s embrace
A private prayer for the truth revealed
Let our hearts be moved toward standing still

There’s a wealth beyond what we pursue
Treasures we have access to
There are wonders with which life is filled
We can only know by standing still