1. Passing Trains
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(Andy Breckman)

A man is riding on a train
He’s heading south, it starts to rain
He sings a soft and sad refrain
He thinks he’ll never love again

On the other track a train
Is heading north through the rain
A woman looks out her window pane
Her life has been a lonely game

The two trains pass, they’re moving fast
Faces flicker past
For half a beat, their two eyes meet
And instantly they both can see
That they were meant to be

Yes it happened just like that
It hit them like a thunder clap
Somehow they h ◊ad seen the answer to their dreams
Passing on the other track

So at the next stop he gets off
A love like that cannot be lost
He takes the next train heading north
He does not know she’s done the same

So they pass again
For half a beat their two eyes meet
But something’s changed, it’s not the same
Now they can see they were not meant to be

Well she knew someday it would have to end
She wonder’s if they’ll still be friends
All the plans he made, all begin to fade
As she disappears around the bend

He will never be the same
Deep in his heart she will remain
He looks out through the falling rain
He thinks he’ll never love again
I think he’s gonna love again
And again and again and again