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Over the years, pretty much every major golf tournament network and every major golf organization has been interested in using this song.
When Mark Loomis was the golf producer for ABC (I think he's at Fox now) he told me he'd like to use it for a Jack Nicklaus retrospective during the broadcast of Nicklaus' 50th and final British Open at St. Andrews. Sadly it didn't happen. Loomis told me they ran out of time.
Woulda been cool though!


(Greg Tamblyn, Lance Cowan)

Just after sunrise, my shoes wet with dew
The green grass is glistening, the morning smells new
The cool mist quietly hangs in the trees
And this old course is waiting for me

This course doesn’t care if I make every shot
It doesn’t flinch from the best that I’ve got
‘Cause it never loses, but if I don’t give in
Sometimes it lets me feel like I win

So I’ll take the breaks, the bad and the good
And handle them like a gentleman should
My thoughts are my partners, my clubs are my team
I’m alone on this old course, chasin’ a dream

Just like the old days of mashies and spoons
And Scotsmen in kilts out playin’ the dunes
In wind hard or easy, in fair skies or rough
The game is unchanged, and that’s what I love

Just me against me in a battle of mind
The course is impartial, it’s justice is blind
I’ll take what it gives me, play the ball where it lies
Knowing I’ve played the game right is my prize


© 1989 Ramblin' Tamblyn Music, BMI