1. One Heart

From the recording Alpha Album

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Beautiful song by Tom Kimmel and Michael Lille


(Michael Lille, Tom Kimmel)

Well the storm on the ocean is the rain downtown
And the sun shines somewhere when the night comes down
The moon’s still dancing when the sky turns blue
And the love I’m feeling is the love in you

One heart, one mind
One love is with us all the time
One life, one light
One spirit in the world tonight

Now the clouds weigh heavy in the summer air
And the wind shakes autumn till the trees are bare
The snow in December fills the warm blue sea
And the love you’re feeling is the love in me


Find our way, make our peace
Accept on faith things we cannot see
Carry on, see this through
One for all, all for me and you

Now this song we’re singing goes a long way back
It’s love’s own engine running down this track
The light in the tunnel coming into view
Says the hope I’m feeling is the hope in you