From the recording Alpha Album

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(Greg Tamblyn, Lance Cowan)

As we’re walking down this boulevard, hand in hand and heart to heart
I’m thinking how lucky we are, that you and I have come so far
On separate paths we traveled alone
After all this time who could have known
We’d be walking the same road

I remember being so in love, hopes and dreams, and hearts so young
And the hunger for your gentle touch, and the promises of days to come
And drifting apart never crossed our minds
Darlin’ we believed that for all time
We’d be walking the same road

But gentle breezes turned to winds of change
And different dreams pulled us in separate ways

Oh but somehow all the love we made didn’t die, darlin’ it just changed
Into something that will never fade, a friendship beyond time and space
Wherever I go you’re part of my life
And it’s good to know that from time to time
We’ll be walking the same road

Wherever I am you’re with me somehow
And it feels good that here and now
We are walkin’ the same road

© 1992 Ramblin' Tamblyn Music, BMI,
Lantzapalooza Music, ASCAP