1. Leftovers
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(Greg Tamblyn, Bill Demain)

There in the back of my refrigerator
I see them laying low
Scrunched up in foil, in Tupperware tubs
No I don’t want to know
What’s lurking within
What’s under those lids
It chills me to the bone
Leftovers are better left alone

Many years ago I prepared a roast
There was much too much to eat
Now I’m not one who believes in ghosts
But what’s this mystery meat
It’s green and it’s blue
It changed and it grew
It’s got a will of it’s own
Leftovers are better left alone

Strange transformations, moldy mutations
Things are getting weird
When cheese can crawl, eggs can fly
And broccoli grows a beard

So don’t kid yourself and say you’re gonna have it
For lunch some afternoon
You know the truth, changes have begun
Inside those dark coccoons
And when you get near you’ll swear you can hear
The theme from the twilight zone
Leftovers are better left alone

©1993 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, BMI
Mr Bakshi Music, SESAC