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(Greg Tamblyn, Jana Stanfield)

I was afraid something was wrong with me
I wasn’t breaking my back to be all I can be
I was not worried sick about getting ahead
I was enjoying my life, having fun instead

I felt so alone, I wanted someone to listen
Someone who’d support and not judge my condition
Then I found this group, they said you’re just like us
We’re Underachievers Anonymous.

We’ll give you support for not working too hard
Like at nights or on weekends, except in the yard
And you’ll always have a safe place to come to
When those pesky workaholics make fun of you
So if they call you lazy, hey just call on us
We’re Underachievers Anonymous

I look at my classmates, they’re all moving up
Working two jobs so they can buy more stuff
I guess this means I’m really hitting the skids
‘Cause I’d rather stay home and play with my kids

I was feeling so guilty about my lack of motivation
And the fact that I always took all my vacation
And that two weeks a year never seemed like enough
I needed Underachievers Anonymous


So f you feel ashamed, like you’re strange, or kinda funny
‘Cause you once turned down a harder job that paid more money
Or if it seems to you that people are looking at you skewed
‘Cause you like to sit down for meals and actually chew your food

Well it may be hard to swallow, but you’re one of us
You need underachievers anonymous

Well I wrote this song with my friend Jana Stanfield
And we fully intended to finish this song when we started writing it
But we got to about this part right here and it as time for a break
So that’s all there is

© 1993 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, BMI
Jana Stantunes Music, BMI