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(Greg Tamblyn, Richard Helm)

The night I left my body, I really had a ball
I tried to kiss my wife goodbye as I floated through the wall
I floated to the bakery, ate fourteen eclairs
I wasn’t worried about getting fat ‘cause my body wasn’t there

I transcended every traffic jam, every angry drivers words
I made it all the way across town without once gettin’ flipped the bird
I left behind all dogma, all earthly understanding
I left behind my own behind, and the fear that it was expanding

Enraptured in tranquility, immersed in total bliss
I thought I’m not going back, I want to always feel like this
But then I was startled out of my serenity
By the voice of the Big Kahuna, and she was talking to me

She said, “Child, this blissful feeling of being one with God
Would be much more meaningful if you were back in your own bod.”
“But God,” I said, “This world of food and sex and movies, it’s a trap.
And how am I supposed to stay serene in all that stuff?”

She said, “Precious child, oh precious one, here’s what you need to do,
Just find that sweet and peaceful place that’s me inside of you.
If you go back I promise I’ll provide you a reminder
To surrender your ego every day to something higher.”

The next morning I woke up, perplexed about my fate
I stumbled to the kitchen, found Eggo waffles on my plate
And as I ate my Eggos, I slowly came to know
That this was God’s reminder, to leggo my ego

Those waffles fed my body, and gave my soul something to munch on
And I said, “Hey, God, could this be the immaculate consumption?”

© 1994 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, BMI, Taylor-Helm Music, BMI