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(Greg Tamblyn)

I don't mean to complain, but I got something to grieve
A genetic defect that's hard to believe
You might not think that it's worth crying about
But I was born with an undersized mouth

It's mainly a problem when I go to the dentist
He says "Open up wide son, so I can look in it"
I say "Come on, doc, I'm already open so far"
He says "Good God, son, I'm gonna need a crowbar"

I got the little mouth blues
I got the little mouth blues
Please don't be amused
I got the little mouth blues

I go to a restaurant with my undersized palate
It's humiliating to eat a salad
The lettuce is never cut up small enough
I pray to God why does my life gotta be so tough

If I cut up the lettuce small enough to inse 7rt
By the time I'm finished everybody else is having dessert
So I wind up with salad all over my jaw
What I wouldn't give for a big old gaping maw


Now my mouth works okay for verbal relating
But it's hell for one aspect of dating
A woman with a giant oral orifice
Is a nightmare for a little mouth boy to kiss

Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts
Make most men be all hot and bothered
But I gotta tell you friends, I'd be terrified
I'd fall right in if they open up wide

So if some day I wind up missing
You'll know it's because of whom I've been kissing


© 1999 Ramblin' Tamblyn Music, BMI