1. My Family
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(Greg Tamblyn, Richard Helm)

Growing up in my family
I was a stranger in a strange land
Lost in love/hate, could not communicate
Not for years could I understand

But distance was not the solution
There was so much I needed to heal
We all grew up, and we worked on our stuff
And today, mostly I feel

My family is always here
Is a bright star by which I steer
My family welcomes me back
And lets me know when I’m starting to slack
My family doesn’t give up
Doesn’t let go when my going gets rough
My family lets me know with their love
That I’ll always be, part of my family

I travel to canyons of concrete
A million souls pass me by
Looking and hoping for someone to open
A doorway into their lives

But the stars flickered on one by one
And the moon’s love pulled on the sea
And I found an oasis of warm smiling faces
And it’s finally come home to me


It’s not always the one’s you’re born with
Even though you’re related by blood
It’s who loves you and takes care of you
When you’ve been crawling and covered with mud


© 2001 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, Taylor-Helm Music, BMI