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(Greg Tamblyn)

When Carl Sagan died I felt surprising sadness
For someone I’d admired from afar
I found that he’d inspired me to think in new dimensions
And I shared his sense of wonder at the stars

I saw him first in college, late night on Johnny Carson
His enthusiasm was contagious
I thought he had a great mind and I loved his sense of humor
And Cosmos was a show for all the ages

Now I am trained in science too, a geology degree
I love astronomical ideas
When time and space are measured in billions and billions
And I can’t pass up a good science museum

I saw his wife Ann Druyan on TV, she seemed so sad
They both felt death is final and forever
It must be so difficult living while believing
They’ll never ever once more be together

I also felt God and the afterlife an empty notion
Till I read the words of mystics down through time
Their accounts of higher consciousness were somehow familiar
And lifted me to thoughts new and sublime

Like this notion that the impulse of creation springs from love
Is it only wishful thinking on my part
That you and I are waves that will return to some great ocean
And while here we are connected at the heart

So nowadays I’m thinking that it’s possible, it could be
That consciousness lives on in unknown ways
Maybe we move on to higher planes and new existence
Or even live again with some new face

So I want to tell his wife Ann I wish I could give her comfort
I think Carl’s spirit still lives on
Oh wouldn’t it be something if when her time here is over
There was Carl saying, “Hi Hon, I was wrong”

© 1999 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, BMI