From the recording Alpha Album

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(Greg Tamblyn, Richard Helm)

Captain Gary takes folks on the dolphin cruise
Right up close and swimming in the sea
Fifteen years, this same pod, they all know him well
And Gary knows exactly where they’ll be

A mother came aboard with her three teenage children
Two sons, a daughter, sullen and depressed
For two whole days the dolphins danced around the boat
But these kids just sat and looked down at the deck

Who knows what wisdom grows
Down below the sea
Why do great brains evolve with no puzzles to solve
And no need for strategy

Finally on the third day they went in to swim
The dolphins gathered round them, 40 strong
A group of them took the two boys out a ways
Gary’d never seen them stay that long

A mother dolphin and her baby chose the little sister
And played with her a half an hour or more
When the kids came back something had shifted
They weren’t as unhappy as before

The next day and the next were more remarkable
The dolphins were there waiting to be greeted
All day long they kept the kids engaged
And seemed to know just what these children needed

Who knows what wisdom grows
Down below the sea
We can’t hide what we feel inside
They can see through you and me

By the end of the week the change was startling
They were laughing, happy, the best of friends
The mother said this family of dolphins
Has given me my family back again

Then Gary said to her that he too felt transformed
The most amazing week he’d ever had
The mother said I did not want to tell you this before
But two months ago my children lost their dad

Who knows what wisdom grows
Down below the sea
Maybe they know and they’re trying to show us
We’re all one family

© 2001 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music (BMI), Taylor-Helm Music (BMI)