1. Creativity
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I seem to remember getting this idea from a cartoon.


(Greg Tamblyn)

I wanted to be an artist, but I didn't have any ideas
My friend knew this doctor, so I went to see 'im
He said, Son I don't really think you're ill
You just need some creativity, It comes in a pill

So I took prescription, and I love how it worked
'Cause for the whole next week, my right brain went berserk
I wrote a play, I painted a mural
I recorded 12 songs and pierced my navel

Creativity, it's the greatest, Brain activity, it's outrageous
That last line, it gave me chills, Creativity, it comes in a pill

So I looked at my work and I thought, that's really great
If I took even more, I wonder what I could create
So powered up, took a double dose
And I think you'll understand if this next line is just exceedingly verbose

Yeah I spilled my guts all over the studio
Wrote operas, symphonies, and man, they're all beautiful
I found a cure for cancer, a new theory of physics
I wrote this song in two and a half minutes

I wish you could feel what I'm feeling
Creativity, just like the real thing
Now I'm a true artist, it's such a thrill
Creativity, It comes in a pill

Yes it comes in a pill, but that's not the whole story
It also comes in a suppository.....

What do you think we should call this drug?
How about......Creagra?

© 2005 Ramblin' Tamblyn Music, BMI