From the recording Greggest Hits Vol. 2

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I stole this idea from my brother Jeff in his newsletter.


(Greg Tamblyn, Richard Helm, Jeff Tamblyn)

You might think self-employment is a great way to work
But self employment’s harder when your boss can be a jerk
How come I just pretend to listen to the things I say
What makes me think I can treat myself this way

I don’t give myself enough time off, and I do give myself flack
And sometimes I make fun of myself behind my back
And then just when I thought I had a shot at real advancement
I took myself to court for sexual harassment

I should have known as much, that there could be no chance
To keep something secret like an office romance
I was so humiliated, I lost a lot of face
I had to brown nose myself just to get a parking space

Instead of earning a raise, I earned a reprimand
For sending myself too much interoffice spam
And another thing that gets the boss all in a fog
Is when I stand around the cooler trading gossip with the dog

I thought about probation as the proper way to handle it
But employee morale would plummet with the fallout from the scandal
So now we’ve turned all that around, I think we’re in the clear
And it looks like there’s a shot I’ll get employee of the year

© 2009 Ramblin' Tamblyn Music, BMI
Taylor-Helm Music, ASCAP