From the recordings Greggest Hits Vol 1 and Alpha Album

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Nominated for Empower Music Award 2008
Written with Richard Helm


(Greg Tamblyn, Richard Helm)

After all these years I’m starting to see
We’re all threads in a tapestry
Woven together, your life and mine
Til our hearts and bones are intertwined
The road of life may lead us far from where we all begin
But sooner or later the hands of time weave us back in
To the grand design

Out on life’s highway we feel alone
As every bend leads us further from home
Our path divides, we take our chances
And pray our loved ones will understand us
Which way to go we don’t always know so we navigate by heart
But in time we come to learn that every road is part
of the grand design

It’s something I believe
Now I find it comforts me
I’ve come to love the mystery
The grand design is with us all along
A last goodbye, a newborn song
And in the end we all belong
To the grand design

If we could rise up high, see the whole road
How far we’ve come and where we’ll go
See how our pathway crosses the others
We’d know how much we need each other
In this living tapestry each thread is someone’s road
And one day from a higher place we may know
The grand design

Repeat Chorus

© 1999 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music, BMI
Richard Helm Songs, BMI