1. So Much Love

From the recordings Greggest Hits Vol 1 and Alpha Album

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Nominated for Empower Music Award 2005
Written with Jon Vezner originally as a blues tune called "So Much For Love." A few years later I rewrote the lyrics into the positive song it is now.


(Greg Tamblyn, Jon Vezner)

So much love
Lord there’s enough
I’m overflowing from the brim of my cup
Mystical feeling fills me up
With so much love

So much hope
Way down in my soul
Even when I was at the end of my rope
I found with love, you can always cope
So much hope

I’ve heard it said
Time and again
Love is all we need in the end
Now I can tell you I know it’s true
And if I can feel it, maybe so can you

So much love
Lord, there’s always enough
No there’s no bottom to the almighty cup
So lets all be giving that real good stuff
Fill each other up
With so much love

© 1989 Ramblin' Tamblyn Music, BMI
Wrensong Music, BMI