From the recordings Greggest Hits Vol 1 and Alpha Album

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Won 2011 Empower Music Award in "Personal Transformation" category
Written with Lance Cowan of Nashville TN
Released on CD: "The Shootout At The I'm OK You're OK Corral"


(Greg Tamblyn Lance Cowan)

Ain’t you built that wall
High enough by now
Something that high might fall
And hurt you when it comes down
It wont ease your pain filled heart
Building a wall to keep you apart

Give a little love
When there’s no love to be found
When you give a little of your heart away
Love will come around

People everywhere
Need a helping hand
Show them that you care
And there’s no wall that can stand
I know it’s hard when you don’t feel good
But that is the time when you really should


Love is the only thing I’ve found
When you give it away it keeps coming back
around and around and around


© 1988 Ramblin’ Tamblyn Music and Forrest Hills Music