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Message to Event Planners...

Thanks for dropping by and Humorous Motivational Speaker .net!

I'll be delighted to create a funny, transformative, motivational musical keynote presentation, designed for your community:

  • One they'll remember, think about, use, quote from, and even sing along to.
  • One that gives them a comedy hangover that lasts all week!
  • One that makes you look like a genius for hiring me.

As a Motivational Humorist, I'll help your folks laugh, lighten up, look at life differently and live more effectively.

When I'm your conference opener, they'll leave our session ready and receptive for a day of learning.

When I'm your conference closer, we'll send them home enlightened, entertained, and inspired - with fun tools they can use immediately. 

Want to do it remotely, virtually, digitally, online?  We can do that.

Please fill out the form below and we'll get rolling!

Greg Tamblyn onstage with guitar, looking at audience

Get a healthy dose of Music, Laughter, and Conscious Comic Relief.

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