Whistling For Hippos

"Best Travel Memoir of the Year!"
- Greg Tamblyn Officially Unbiased Book Reviews

My sister Claudia and her husband Roger spent 2 years in a remote outpost of The Ivory Coast, West Africa. Roger is a talented, published writer. A really, really good writer. Years ago he wrote a book of true, funny, poignant, fascinating, absolutely uplifting stories about their time in Africa. 

I read it, loved it, and have been hounding him to get it published ever since. But even though he's had other books published, he kept getting told that "stories about Africa" just don't sell. Or something similar. (You know how many times J.K. Rowling got turned down for Harry Potter? It was like that.) 

Well, I'm happy to tell you that this wonderful book is now  - finally - published and available in all the usual places. Like Barnes and Noble and Amazon

If you like reading, good stories, travel, or Africa, please trust me and buy two copies of this book. Keep one and give one to a friend. I'm 98% sure you'll be glad you did. Thanks. 

    * Yes it's in ebook format too. 

     * Still waiting for him to tell me why he used the first name "Scott.

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