"Greg Tamblyn is a contemporary Mark Twain..." 
      - Dr. Larry Dossey, bestselling author of "Space, Time, and Medicine"


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NOTE:  Booking During Coronavirus

 Hey - thanks for visiting! If you're an event planner looking for a humor speaker, then you're a fellow optimist and I love you.

Yes, at some point we'll go back to big gatherings and having fun in larger groups.

To that end, I'm happy to accept valid bookings for later this year and next year with no deposit or cancellation fee until the virus is over. Times are uncertain, so you shouldn't have to worry about upfront or guaranteed money.

Feel free to get in touch and we can explore the options. You can use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or call me at the office: 816-756-0069.

Stay safe, and all good wishes!

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Thanks for visiting!  My old web host decided to pull the plug on short notice, so I'm starting over here on this new platform with a major rebuild. Please come back soon for much more video and a completed page within about a week.

As a Missouri Humor Speaker for over 25 years... 

I KNOW!  You want to give your audience something new, fun, different, memorable. You want to wake 'em up and shake 'em up with a profound presentation they'll remember, they'll quote from, they'll sing to, and they'll pat you on the back for. 

And if it's hilarious, even better. 

For your customized musical humorous keynote, my guitar and I will energize your audience with funny, award-winning songs and stories that amplify amusement, elevate endorphins, and improve digestion. Your folks will get filled up with inspiration and tools for living through the right-brain doorway of music and laughter.

It’s “Ha Ha” with an “Aha!"

Here's an example...

One of my favorite themes is "we have to pay attention to what we pay attention to."
We want to be aware of what cultural memes are infiltrating our brains, and have some idea what they do to our attitudes and behaviors. The goal is to let good stuff in, and reframe the bad stuff with humor.

I have many funny ways to illustrate this, but one of my favorites is "The Top Ten Whiny Victim Love Songs." To clarify, I'm not talking about positive, empowering, uplifting love songs. And I'm not talking about sad songs that say "you're gone and I miss you." Those are all fine.

I'm talking about songs that go way past that into the realm of true sickness. They actually ask for pain in return for love. You might not think that there are very many of these, but I assure you, there are thousands.

And as a public service, I've been collecting them.

After seeing this, most people will never hear a "whiny victim love song" the same way ever again. Those songs have now become material for comedy! Take a look...

Featured Keynote Speaker at The Humor Project International Conference

 Along with Goldie Hawn, Bob Newhart, Steve Allen, and other famous funny persons


"One of Greg’s great gifts is to take serious subjects and tickle them with a light touch. Greg is a lot of fun, and he also makes a difference in a wide variety of creative ways.”
      - Dr. Joel Goodman, Director of The Humor Project



Grace Note Award for Lifetime Achievement in Positive Music

Grace Note Award for Lifetime Achievement in Positive Music

Entertainment With A Message...

As a humor speaker based in Missouri, I have spoken, sung, instigated laughter and learning in all 50 states, and from Canada to Singapore. I can promise you this:

Your personalized musical keynote presentation will offer a pervasive mixture of fun and excitement, that sneaking feeling that any minute you’re about to learn something which could change your day...or your life.

By program’s end, I promise that every single person has had a soul-cleansing laugh. And their personal tool kit has been enriched with practical concepts for navigating this ever-changing world of relationships, commerce, communication, technology, and the stresses they bring.

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