Greg Tamblyn is a Multi-Award-Winning
Keynote Speaker - Singer - Songwriter - Humorist - Author - Emcee

Get A Healthy Dose of
Conscious Comical Stress Relief

Greg Tamblyn elevates audiences and individuals via the right-brain doorway of music and laughter. His funny inspirational songs and hilarious-to-poignant true stories infect listeners in the best possible way:
he helps us see the best in ourselves, and laugh at the rest of ourselves.
We get a comedy hangover that lasts all week.

Greg brings over 30 years experience inflicting himself on fun-loving, forward-thinking folks across North America and other countries. His audiences range from wellness and healthcare to corporate, military, spiritual, and recovery groups.

 Funny Virtual Keynote Speaker?  No Problem.

If you could create your perfect Humorous Motivational Speaker from scratch,  you might get someone like this: 

  • A speaker who is funny, inspires real change, and does it with a personal touch.
  • A keynote artist who also happens to be a multi-award-winning songwriter, with songs that grab your audience by the funnybone and the heartstrings.
  • A master storyteller and joke teller.
  • A humorist who is in the top 1% of people endorsed on LinkedIn for Entertainment.
  • A speaker who delivers solid learning via the scenic route: the right-brain doorway of music and laughter.
  • A keynote presenter who jokes that he has attained the coveted "NCW" degree (No Credentials Whatsoever), but who actually has a ton of impressive endorsements and testimonials, and graduated from Tulane University with departmental honors.
  • A keynote performer who is responsible, reliable, ridiculously easy to work with, and is likely to become your friend. 

Good news! 

You don't have to create your perfect funny keynote speaker, he's right here.

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Musical Humorist Greg Tamblyn playing guitar

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