Crowdfunding For Houdini

Thanks For Donating! 

Her name is Houdini because she's a talented escape artist. I call her Dini because she's a girl. 

Dini used to be the Rabbit Sheriff of the Neighborhood, which also made her My Personal Trainer. Very active. Now she has arthritis in her elbow and a painful limp. 

There's a new treatment for this where the vet injects radioactive tin into the joint(s). Sounds weird, I know, but they've been using it on horses for awhile and it's effective. Also expensive! Very pricey. So if you can help, thanks! 

We had the treatment done March 3. All seemed to go well. The vet said it'll take several days to a few weeks to see improvement. So we're in "Hurry up and wait" mode.

Thanks again to everybody who donated!

Humorous Motivational Speaker Greg Tamblyn and his dog Houdini wearing covid masks in car.

Houdini and myself practicing safety measures in the car.

Approximate cost of radioactive tin: $1,800 

Estimated cost of anesthesia and injections: $1,000 

Current donations total: $1179
(updated every donation)

Donations from me to KC Pet Project and Wayside Waifs: $120