Crowdfunding For Houdini

Thanks For Donating! 

Her name is Houdini because she's a talented escape artist. I call her Dini because she's a girl. 

Dini used to be the Rabbit Sheriff of the Neighborhood, which also made her My Personal Trainer. Very active. Now she has arthritis in her elbow and a painful limp. 

There's a new treatment for this where the vet injects radioactive tin into the joint(s). Sounds weird, I know, but they've been using it on horses for awhile and it's effective. Also expensive! Very pricey. So if you can help, thanks! 

I'll send you:

  1. a personal thank you note,
  2. a free download of my new Nashville Demos Album,
  3. and share 10% of your donation with two Kansas City no-kill animal shelters. 

       Thank you!   ❤️ 🐕 😃

Humorous Motivational Speaker Greg Tamblyn and his dog Houdini wearing covid masks in car.

Houdini and myself practicing safety measures in the car.

Approximate cost of radioactive tin: $1,800 

Estimated cost of anesthesia and injections: $1,000 

Current donations total: $1179
(updated every donation)

Donations from me to KC Pet Project and Wayside Waifs: $120