Comedy Concert Fundraiser Video

My first live Zoom Comedy Concert was a fundraiser for Clayton Valley Village.

C.V.V. is part of the nationwide Village Movement, providing services to help seniors stay in their homes as they get older. (Cool concept.)

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Motivational Humorist Greg Tamblyn playing, singing, and smiling online

14 (mostly) comedy songs. 7 funny stories. 3 good jokes.

Here's a sample.

This song, "Free Will," (new - not yet available!) will give you an idea of the sound and video quality. The sound quality is fine if you can put up with my raspy voice, which I must admit is taking on a distinct Jimmy Durante quality.

The video quality is slightly fuzzy because I tried the "low light" setting on Zoom, which would be great if the year was 1960. Most folks have said that after a couple of minutes they get used to it and don't mind it.

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