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Hi Friends,

We all know that life is serious. If we forget, we can turn on the news for a few minutes and get reminded. But let me ask you this. Are you like me? Have you ever had the particular gift or talent of making life even more serious than it already is?

If so, I have two free song downloads for you.

On this site you'll find funny songs, inspirational songs, hilarious video clips, and short funny stories that help you see the best in yourself, and laugh at the rest of yourself. They're like WD-40 for your relationships, your moments of confusion, the things you want to accomplish in life, and your connection to the Big Mystery.

Free Funny Songs - Short Funny Stories

If you've ever had a pit stop at the AFGO Station (Another Friendly Growth Opportunity), you realize reality is a place that requires humor. You know how good it is to feel comically as well as cosmically connected. Here you can download funny songs, read short stories online, and watch free funny video clips. Some of them will give you a healthy dose of comic relief if you need it. Some of them have even won awards.

To get you started, I'd like to give you two free song downloads. You can keep them, put them on your ipod, burn them on a CD, listen to them as many times as you like. They don't self-destruct after 3 plays. They're yours forever.

ADVISORY: Greg's songs contain anti-depressive lyrics.

Your first is Writer's Block (The Long-Term Positive And Negative Effects Of Worry). This song reminds us not to get worked up over stuff that isn't worth it. It helps us lighten up when we're inflicting too much seriousness on ourselves or others. Like some of my songs, it's used by a lot of coaches, counselors, trainers, and seminar leaders. (From my CD The Grand Design.)

Your second free song download is So Much Love. This started out as a blues tune called So Much For Love. ("I've had enough. I'm not doing it anymore. It's too painful.") We've all sung that before. I always loved this melody, but after surviving a few of those growth opportunities, the lyrics felt stale. So I rewrote it into a more positive, spiritual tune. (From my CD Art From The Heart.)

Two Free Song Downloads - Free Humor Newsletter

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(If you think you're already on my mailing list, please fill out the box anyway. We'll delete any duplicates. Thanks.)

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Thanks for staying connected!

Greg Tamblyn
Motivational Humorist,
Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Author, Emcee

Slideshow photos: 1,4,5: Stephanie Dana, San Diego.   2,6: Matt Nichols, K.C.   3: Chris Dennis, K.C.

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